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  1. Thanks!! Yeah, it's not new, I got it from my wife's company when they retired their depreciated boxes. I've been making some progress, based on what I've found in the wild. I now get color and visual noise, with shadows of icons, but when I Ctl-Alt-F1 back to the command line, there's an error that says "Screen0 not DRI capable" or something like that. So tomorrow I'll chase down how to deal with DRMs that aren't loaded. I'm done for today! Cheers, and thanks again! -- BigDog
  2. I'm trying to install Zod on a Toshiba Tecra M1, and everything goes fine until it boots after the installation. I get the little "X" when it starts to load, but then the screen just sits there and glows. No text, no logon, no nuthin', and it doesn't respond to anything I do. Any ideas? I've tried everything I can think of, and have tried it three times this morning... TIA, -- BigDog
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