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  1. use: instead of: does the same, but using 'service' is nicer
  2. TormentoR

    blocked port 25

    Often ISP's have relay SMTP servers if they block port 25 for their users. To use them, set your MX records on your domain like this: yourdomain.org. 38400 IN MX 20 mail.yourdomain.org. yourdomain.org. 38400 IN MX 30 relay.yourisp.net. That way sending mail to user@yourdomain.org will fail on the shortest metric and will then try the relay server. Your ISP's relay server will accept the mail and delivers it to your SMTP server. I've had this working on planet.nl ISP in the Netherlands...
  3. TormentoR


    don't use '_' in usernames, tablenames, etc.
  4. why go to change /etc/inittab ? just do a: init 3 ... install driver ... init 5 ?!
  5. Maybe it's an idea to make a SSHd tips & tricks in general... instead of all these little settings in a separate tips and tricks post?!
  6. If your kernel supports ntfs and you have enough free space to store the whole ntfs partition, you can do the following: Since Partition Magic 8.0 supports ext3 and ntfs, maybe it can convert it on the fly, but i can't seem to find any info on that.
  7. Add the following line to /etc/fstab: LABEL=yournewdrivelabel /mountpoint ext3 defaults 1 2 use 'e2label' to give your ext3 partition a label. create the /mountpoint dir and chmod it so your user account has access, that way you can add/remove/view files as a user. gl
  8. I wish I had the bandwidth to share
  9. TormentoR


    A few things: if you're using 'int main()' you should return an int! so add return 0; to the program to tell linux your program exited with no error. including with .h is deprecated... see the compiler error cout is located in std namespace, so use that namespace or call cout with std::cout #include <iostream> using namespace std; int main() { cout << "Hello, world!" << endl; return 0; // No error } save that file as 'helloworld.cpp' and type 'make helloworld' to compile it. my 2 cents
  10. Note: For kernel 2.4 -> 2.6 migration there is more needed then just compiling a new kernel... There are serveral howto's on the www, just google for it.
  11. Fedory RPM's are availeble from the fluxbox website: http://www.arny.org/index.php?center=4.php
  12. Just install automount (if you haven't got it already) edit the /etc/auto.mount and add the line: usbdrive -fstype=vfat :/dev/sda1 it'll take care of mounting/unmounting it... (i told you this on irc a few days back!) -- TormentoR
  13. The warnings I get while booting: With 'pci=noacpi' as kernel option, I still get the same error. Although acpi seems to work, because when I 'shutdown -h now' my servers' power is killed. When I add 'acpi=off' in the kernel option I get no errors on booting but on a 'shutdown -h now' I have to kill the power manually. So, the thing is.. I dislike the error/warning of ACPI ... although it seems to work... I just feel the urge to fix it -- TormentoR
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