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  1. what you could do is write a shell script and add it to the end of /etc/init.d/rc.local and/or use chkconfig to make it startup here are some links : http://forums.fedoraforum.org/showthread.php?t=122369 http://bbs.archlinux.org/viewtopic.php?pid=271730 http://gentoo-wiki.com/HOWTO_Autostart_Programs
  2. Do you need it to run in full text mode or in, like twm with xterm?
  3. I'm useing it right now runs good but start up is kinda slow, but I think it will get faster as it develops.
  4. SYSTEM INFORMATION Running Ubuntu Linux, the 4.0 release. GNOME: 2.18.0 (Ubuntu 2007-03-13) Kernel version: 2.6.20-12-generic (#2 SMP Wed Mar 21 20:55:46 UTC 2007) GCC: 4.1.2 (i486-linux-gnu) Xorg: 7.2.0 (20 March 2007) CPU INFORMATION GenuineIntel, Intel
  5. linux dose not even see my tv card it see my card : GRAPHIC CARD VGA controller ATI Technologies Inc RV280 [Radeon 9200] (rev 01) (prog-if 00 [VGA]) Subsystem: ATI Technologies Inc All-in-Wonder 9200 Series What else do you need to know?
  6. I have quite the problem getting my TV card working. help plez ATI All-In-Wonder 9200 pro Ubuntu 6.10
  7. So, what do you think of using a beta ver, would you give it a try?
  8. well I'll be honest with you guys I can get free from school "MSDNAA" and I refuse to use it I used the beta ver. and I did not like it then
  9. I would have to say good ole home made computer I used to work on computers at a store called best buy and I worked dells alot
  10. I Picked mandriva, because mandrake 7.2 was my first experience with linux back in 2000
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    hahaha man thats great
  12. got a error like that, and could not fix it so I got rid FC6 started using PCLinuxOS 2007 sorry
  13. after you cd to the dir do like you were doing but after you start to type the name of the file hit the tab key to complete the file name what might be happening is you might not see the whole file or you can do ls -la to see the full name I hope that helps you with problem sorry
  14. gurb might not have installed right the first time try this, boot from the CD and type at the boot: linux rescue then after it boots type # chroot /mnt/sysimage # cd /boot/grub then # grep '#boot' grub.conf then it will say where GRUB bootloader was previously installed, if installed#boot=/dev/*** use this command to install GRUB # grub-install /dev/*** then reboot with the command # sync;sync;exit;exit # reboot "*** is your hard disk" I hope this will help you. If not sorry.
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    thanks for the ray of hope
  16. Maybe this will help / maybe not
  17. I'll be 22 this year, what a long year .....
  18. So far the easiest way to add users is in a terminal and use the useradd -m login name then to set the password you use the passwd login name
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    2 problems

    Try using a linux cd that has memtest to test your ram. but we need more info on your system to help you more!
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    Hello linux users! How is everyone ?
  21. I use PCLinuxOS, and have used many different computers and it is a LiveCD that comes with Xgl, beryl, compiz, But what is so cool is that is installable and takes about 00:10 to install
  22. there is a great program called crossover office it is made by CodeWeavers it is EZ to install and it uses wine and has a nice GUI.
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