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  1. i DID created a blank partition for it to install into but suse decided to delete the partition i made and make a new one *shrugs*
  2. i finally decided to try out linux and people told me to try out suse because its easier for newer users. However, since im new to it, i still want to keep my windows just in case so i wanted to do a dual boot system. I was told to make a partician so i made a 500 mg linux-swap partition and made a 30 gig ext3 partition for the linux. After i did that, i popped in the disk and started to rock n roll. Installation went pretty smoothly. However, it deleted the ext3 partition i made and replaced it with its own partitions. Well the dual boot went just fine, when it rooboted, it gave me the option to go with suse and windows. I choose to go with suse and it was up....except for a problem. It seems to freeze or lock up, in a weird way. After a few clicks of the mouse, its becomes unresponsive. I can move the mouse around but it seems the button doesnt work. I also noticed the clock on the bottom right stays in time which leads me to believe its not fully freezing and i type random stuff on the keyboard and brought up a search thing and i typed something random and it did search. I will also like to note that since im using wireless in my room, suse failed to connect to the internet and did not get any updates or anything. Note: if need be, i can take my computer downstairs and connect it to a wired connection um..help?
  3. thank your very much. I will try this.
  4. a friend of mine has been bugging me to join the Linux community so he gave me a link to a Live cd version with a Beryl distro. Well i liked it very much so i want to explore it more. However, i want to make my system a dual boot cuz i will probably still need windows. I am downloading the open source for Suse now because i hear thats an easy one to start off with. However, where im going to have trouble is how to make a patrician to make a dual boot system. I was gonna try Fedora but i read on their page it cant be partitioned on a drive with windows useing NTFS some things to note: My drive is formated for NTFS i have a 64 bit processor and thats the version im downloading well any help would be wonderful...thanks
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