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  1. Hi, I'm posting here with yet another one of my problems, being cron. For some reason I cannot get it to work, below is what I have setup (through crontab -e) # m h dom mon dow command 0 19 * * * "/media/hdd/backup/Web Server/webserverbackup.sh" Which runs a script to backup my web server, although I cannot figure out why, but it doesn't want to run it. The date is setup correctly. and I'm struggling to think of any other problems. Could anyone point me into the right direction with this? Thanks, Lee
  2. Thanks, I've just done that and restarted it, hopefully ethernet should kick in itself soon Update: That didn't seem to work, I'm just wondering wheather I should just do a fresh install, which should be quite painless
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    Your windows disk should load regardless of whats on the hard drive, so long as the computer's setup right. First check that in the BIOS your computer is set to boot from CD drive before all other devices Also make sure that your windows disk hasn't broke, or got any scratches. If it works on another machine then it could possibly be your CD drive, although I'd try another disk first. Lee
  4. I need to go into System>Administration>Networking Then click the Ethernet Connection, Choose Deactivate then click Activate Also all the adaptor is set to auto eth0 iface eth0 inet dhcp in /etc/network/interfaces
  5. Hi, I've got a server running ubuntu, for file & web, it has been working fine ever since I set it up. Although recently the ethernet adaptor in it has stopped working, meaning that in order to make it connect to the network I have to de-activate & then activate it. I can't understand what's causing this, since it was working one time, then when I rebooted it just went. Anyone got any ideas? Thanks, Lee
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