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  1. Thank you both for your answers, while I was waiting for them I've realized that I had to do something on my own, so first thing I did was lowered memory setting in php.ini That really helped a little and now I am going to try out your tips. I never really understood what is keepalive and should I turn it on or off, now I realize that I had to turn it off. Thank you! Faifas
  2. Hello fellows, I'm having a weird issue and wanted to find out if any of you know how to deal with it. I've got myself Ubuntu box and online RPG game hosted on it. The problem is that apache and mysqld is going wild (I mean it). load average: 1.22, 1.20, 1.07 That's an usual load when I only have 40 players online. Tried stopping apache, server load went to 0.02 (ircd was using it) Server speed: 2.0Ghz RAM: 500mb apache conf: timeout 5 Keepalive On keep alive timeout 15 My server is good enough for such project and I can bet that I have a bug somewhere in my PHP code, that causes a never ending loop and apache with mysqld are going wild. Mysql is using ~20% of CPU and few apache childs are using ~11% each, so that's really not normal. What do I want you to help me with is a tool for showing php files CPU usage or something similar, so that I could find out which of my files are causing that server load. Thanks in advance, Faifas
  3. Thank you anyweb! Anyone I'm not the one who understands windows registry :x Maybe you have any clue how can I find the wrong registry that I've added or how do I repair it? Thanks in advance, faifas
  4. Thanks anyweb, but the problem is that I can't install windows it just shows that blue screen with error :x
  5. Hey folks, I'm having a weird error and I know what is it. Okay, here's the situation itself. I've used to use winxp and I was satisfied enough, until one day I played with registry and I bet you already imagine what has happened. As far as I remember, I've added a new .reg into a registry and nothing changed (seemed like nothing changed ), so after shutdowning my pc I had to start it again (hey, everyone does that) and here comes the screen where I need to choose what should I load. Ubuntu or WinXp. As always I've chosen winXP and kaboom blue screen telling me 'BAD_POOL_CALLER' after googleing for some time, I've found out that it was supposed to be RAM problems. However, it wasn't, then after talking to few people I've relised that it was registry problem, acutally corrupted registry. W00t I thought, let's fix it. I've inserted winxp CD, and clicked R to repair, gues what? "BAD_POOL_CALLER" once again, I was like so the situation is: I can't repair/install/etc my windows and I'm using Ubuntu now. Installed wine, downloaded some registry fixers, none of them were working, so what do I need to do is to fix my windows registry with Ubuntu. Anyone has any clue how to do that? Thanks in advance, Faifas
  6. Hello everyone, I've got myself Ubuntu box and I like it, but there are some problems that I can't solve. I've got myself an online web based text game and people like to do tricks with my server, at first they've tried to bruteforce my sshd, but I've found a solution for that. However they're now flooding/dosing and I know what more to my server. Okay so the problem is like this: I have 30gb/month of bandwith (I know that's not much, but hey, I don't have money to rent a dedicated server) and that amount was quite enough for my game last months. Still, this month is too weird, I exceeded my bandwith in 15 days, when I usually did that in 29 or something. I tried to tune my apache and I almost did it. Had myself mod-security, but somehow I didn't manage to setup od-dosevasive even though I've tried your tuts and even apt-get that mod. Can't remember where but I've read about some kind of this attack (ye, I'm way new to linux) netstat -s|grep listen 21840 times the listen queue of a socket overflowed. so, someone is definitely playing around. I'm sure that I'll seem noobish, but people could you help me out with this issue? That bandwith stealing isn't way cool and another thing I've noticed is very high my server's load :x Well, thanks in advance, faifas
  7. I was a little shocked when I saw the captcha you use in registration form. No random fonts, no different angle, plenty of ways defeating it First would be collecting pixel libraries with simple php function ImageColorAt(); function Another way is to collect possible numbers, that wouldn't take a lot. What's the purpose of this topic? I'd really advise you guys, to change the captcha, to be honest make it your own and unique Best wishes, faifas
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