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  1. Helo junglemike Have the same problem. Over the years have had maybe 4 successful installs from hard drive, and 75 or 80 failures. Old timers blamed failure on my antique hardware. Blaa humbug. Now have modern stuff and the success rate has not improved. On successive attempts install quits at different points, different error codes. (Using the same .bat files so no typos from hand entry's) The authors of the installers are not motivated to produce a reliable product. Often get to the normal start GUI but the installer is too limited to go back to the very same folder it was spawned from and finish. Perhaps some Guru can explain how to point the installer back to the source .iso file. A8N32-SLI deluxe AMD 64 X2 4800+ 2.4GHz 2gig memory 320gig Sata 2 Buncha 80gig IDE GeForce 7950 GT 700watt power 1995 floppy drive Not too cheep to get a burner Just hate optical devices. Cheers: ratsarsed Use a rotary telephone and never need to Press # 1 to Speak English
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