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  1. http://www.speakeasy.org/~xyzzy/scsi.html <- SCSI-IDLE is a simple tool to let you spin down/spin up/spin down on idle- your annoying scsi-drive. WARNING: Before you use this program, be aware of the risks. Have a google around. Old disks in particular, and disks that have been running 24/7 for longer periods can be dangerous to park this way, according to some forum entries. Yet again other entries say that newer edition scsi disks that aren' bleeding edge will most likely behave in exactly the same way as their counterversion ide-drives. I'm taking the chance at least... my ears need
  2. Using nVidia drivers with Fedora Core 2 For whatever odd reason, the Fedora tean chose CONFIG_REGPARM=y and CONFIG_4KSTACKS=y with the default RH kernel, which by the way is not compatible with Nvidia drivers. So the solution is to: 1. Get the 2.6.6 kernel from www.kernel.org 2. Use the tar -jxvf linux-2.6.6.tar.bz2 ( or whatever version you got) to the directory of your choice. I use /usr/src/. This should leave you with a linux-2.6.6 directory or something like it. 3. cd into the directory and run a 'make oldconfig' or if you feel comfortable 'make menuconfig', 'make gconfig.
  3. Here's a nice guide to how you can install nVidia drivers with FC2... http://theswagertys.com/kernel.html
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    TV Output

    Here's my problem : I can enable TwinView in multiple ways. That is, cloneview, separate desktops, clone using nvtv ( http://sourceforge.net/projects/nv-tv-out ) and probably a host of other ways. But, in all other ways than nvtv, X will hang when shutting down. My system is : P4@2GHz, 512mb ddr266, 2xwdc120se hdd's, nVIDIA GeForce Ti4200 128mb 4xAGP Fedora Core1 linux. TV output will work just fine when enabled. I start into X without problems what so ever. (The quality of the output is actually WAY superior to the output Win XP will do) But, shutting down the comp with on/off bu
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