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  1. Well, hello again, linux-noobs. It's been a while. I figured I'd come back to the best linux help site for, well, some help! I just installed Core 5 (a few times, actually) over FTP because I don't have any blank CDs left. It all works very well, just not very fast. Fast forward to the real problem, whenever I shut down after logging in the first time, upon reboot it takes about 3-4 minutes to start sendmail and about a minute to start sm-client. WTF?? That, I can live with. The really bad part is, after it boots, it freezes when X is supposed to start. So, I switched to single
  2. What would you suggest for me then? Having used both Ubuntu and Fedora, I'd have to reccomend Fedora for your first time. Don't get Fedora Core 5 yet, though. It was just released 5 days ago, and it's still pretty buggy. I'd say go with 4 until Core 5 gets some more updates and etc. Also, there is a Linux version of LimeWire, since it's java-based. Also, welcome, from a poster who was on hiatus but is having problems with Core 5 and will post that elsewhere!
  3. I had /dev/wallpaper for a while just a black screen, with /dev/wallpaper written on it. classic.
  4. beej


    I wouldn't exactly call myself a complete linux noob (huh,,,irony!) but I use Ubuntu since it's fast, clean, and I don't have to worry about anything going wrong. I've got a box for that...and I've got my work box, which needs to, well, work.
  5. I tried Gentoo for a little bit, and it just didn't feel right. I now use Ubuntu, since my machine is nothing more than web/email/IM.
  6. Ubuntu, without a doubt. Well, unless it's my shoutcast server, which will be running Gentoo in a weekish or so.
  7. beej


    Yes, yes. I'm back, with a new PC running Ubuntu. <3! I plan on posting bunches and being on the IRC channel 24/7! SO, HELLO AGAIN, EVERYONE!
  8. Yay. Beej is on everyone's favorite IRC channel!
  9. That's Haley from http://www.roadwaffles.com
  10. Normally, I didn't mind ad's in my webpages...but as soon as I got Adblock extension for Firefox...well... I'll find some money to donate to the site. It's so shiny! -ben
  11. beej

    linux-noob improvements

    NO! Anyweb! Keep this layout! It's s0000 simple!! PLEEEEEASE KEEEEP IT! -ben
  12. http://www.stardock.net. Stardock is (as far as I know) a software company that realeased games (The Corporate Machine, Business Tycoon in the UK) and a desktop customizer. The customizer was VERY popular. Still is?
  13. Mmk, here's what worked for me in FC2 (Tettnang) to get XMMS and Gaim Sounds to play nice. Firstly, I use GNOME, so (currently) that's all the help I can provide for all. Sorry! Ok, first enable your sound server by going to Main Menu>Preferences>Sound. Check "Enable Sound Server Startup" and "Sounds for Events" Now, in Gaim, press Ctrl+P for preferences and click "Sound" on the side. Make the sound method "ESD." Click "Close." Next, open XMMS. Open the Preferences. In "Output Plugin" select "Esound Output." Click "Apply." You should be good to
  14. Ummm....anyweb...that wasn't *your* desktop, was it? If it was...you weren't using Insecure Exploit, were you? WERE YOU?
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