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  1. Hi, I'm getting into Linux and I'm kind of a guy that sometimes need to use FTP services since I share a lot of personal music files that I want my friends across the globe to download. In Windows environment this wasn't an issue, really, it was quite easy obtaining an easy-to-understand (yet powerful!) FTP server sofware than enabled me to create accounts, assigning different parts of my computer and read/write rights to individual users with no headache whatsoever. But in Linux everything is so different. Somewhere I read that VSFTPD is a good way setting a FTP server up. I've read man-pages, some webpages too, and I pretty much have an idea what to do. However, I don't like the approach and administration of this thing. Please correct me if I'm wrong but from what I've understood, the only way of adding FTP-users that would connect to my computer through a FTP-client software is to create real OS-based user accounts on my computers. For instance; useradd -d /home/FTP-downloader -g ftp username . But I don't like this. I guess it's good in one sense but not for my personal needs. I need a more simple (yet quite secure) FTP-server software that simply enables me creating user account for the application itself (not the whole system) and gives me possibility to assign any folder/drive on the system I want - to the user in particular. It would be good if this app could run as a daemon from system boot so I don't need to logon to the computer. Is there any program like that in Linux or do I really need to create real user accounts on the system? Kind of annoying seeing name of FTP client users on the userlogon screen every time you start Fedora, don't you think ? Thanks in advance! M.
  2. Hi. I'm running Fedora 7 and I'm wondering whether there is any easy way running rtorrent in background (in screen, so I can recall it any time with 'screen -r') from startup, by adding a line in rc.local file or something. I tried with screen /usr/bin/rtorrent& and that didn't do anything. Any ideas? Thanks in advance.
  3. Hi. I'm quite tired of experimenting with different kinds of drivers in Fedora to get smooth and jerky-free GL/graphic. I've tested different Livna drivers, 96xx seem to be least bad choice - but far away from perfect. While 96xx tends to give me quite stuttering GL graphics (eg. when I test GLGears or have a GL-screensaver on) when something else is happening (eg. graphic changes in a torrent client or somebody sends me a PM through Pidgin) while in latest 97-drivers I basically get slow motion. The older Legacy drivers, on the other hand, don't seem to be supporting GLX. So, I guess I have no other choice but jumping onto drivers found on nVidia's official website, hoping to get a stable set of drivers, suitable for my Geforce 5900XT. Can you guys give me some tips about older stable drivers (including GL support). I figure the latest are not always the best choice, especially since my card is quite outdated. Thanks in advance!
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