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  1. Hi, I'm getting into Linux and I'm kind of a guy that sometimes need to use FTP services since I share a lot of personal music files that I want my friends across the globe to download. In Windows environment this wasn't an issue, really, it was quite easy obtaining an easy-to-understand (yet powerful!) FTP server sofware than enabled me to create accounts, assigning different parts of my computer and read/write rights to individual users with no headache whatsoever. But in Linux everything is so different. Somewhere I read that VSFTPD is a good way setting a FTP server up. I've read man-p
  2. Hi. I'm running Fedora 7 and I'm wondering whether there is any easy way running rtorrent in background (in screen, so I can recall it any time with 'screen -r') from startup, by adding a line in rc.local file or something. I tried with screen /usr/bin/rtorrent& and that didn't do anything. Any ideas? Thanks in advance.
  3. Hi. I'm quite tired of experimenting with different kinds of drivers in Fedora to get smooth and jerky-free GL/graphic. I've tested different Livna drivers, 96xx seem to be least bad choice - but far away from perfect. While 96xx tends to give me quite stuttering GL graphics (eg. when I test GLGears or have a GL-screensaver on) when something else is happening (eg. graphic changes in a torrent client or somebody sends me a PM through Pidgin) while in latest 97-drivers I basically get slow motion. The older Legacy drivers, on the other hand, don't seem to be supporting GLX. So, I guess I
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