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  1. be careful that you don't treat that file like an iso9660 (like a cd) file. that is a raw sector by sector dump of that physical device. you can then reverse the instructions on to a partion that is of _exactly the same size_. i can't stress exactly enough. dd if=/dev/hda1 of=/tmp/hda1-dumpfile dd if=hda1-dumpfile of=/dev/hda1 if stands for infile, of stands for outfile.
  2. Yeh, looks like that's pretty much proved it. Now to narrow it down =( Hopefully you bought your PC from a reputable vendor that can diagnose with you <?> Good luck.
  3. Two of the most common PC problems are: 1. Your CPU is too hot (or the main board in general). Make sure to clean out all the airducts and open that bad boy up and blow some compressed air around. Also make sure all those fans are spinning like they should. 2. Bad memory. Buy cheap, get crap. Like most things in life, if it's cheap it probably sucks. Run over to http://www.memtest86.com/ download their program and let it run on your machine over night. It should help you diagnose those types of problems (or at least isolate them). I have a feeling it's likely the hardware a
  4. You ask, aeio answers. Hold on to your hats folks, because this ain't for those with heart or back conditions or those who think they might be pregnant. As with any CD compilation making, you should first consult your physician. Well with that out of the way! 1. Download all the ISOs for Fedora (just the 3 binary rpm ones) 2. Create /mnt/fedora_c1. 3. Create /mnt/fedora_c1/1, 2 and 3. 4. Mount each of the isos on those stubs (mount -o loop /path/yarrow-i386-disc1 /mnt/fedora_c1/1 for example, repeat for the other 2). 5. Make a directory where you'll build your di
  5. for posterity: ifconfig doesnt give you all the info you need about wireless interfaces (like signal strength, key info, etc) try using: iwconfig (it's part of the wireless-tools package) - aeio
  6. it would help to know what program, but it might be looking for 'libtermcap' and 'libtermcap-devel' try searching for those packages on http://www.rpmfind.net
  7. i cant seem to get a picture of my son without drool (or a drooled on shirt either). glad to know i'm not alone! =) - aeio
  8. i take it back. i love you enigma. - aeio
  9. you'll probably want a url! http://www.toms.net
  10. try toms root boot. it'll at least let you boot up your system, mount your drives and try to look around. might even try copying over a "known clean" ps to your harddrive then doing "chattr +i" to prevent other programs from modifying it. good luck if you are rooted =( (not sarcasm) - aeio
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