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  1. I'm starting to hate this thing....It says that the libmp3lame.so.0 is unsatisfied. I tried downloading it, and still won't work.
  2. The program I'm trying to use is LIVES(Linux Video Editing Software), but whenever I try to install it, it says that the libraw1394 is unsattisfied, and when I try to install libraw, it says that it's already installed. Can you help me get this problem fixed, or tell me about another program that can convert OGM video files to VOB video files? PLEASE?
  3. Where can I get this? It's the only thing keeping me from getting my wireless up and I can't find it anywhere. :( :(
  4. I'm doing the instructions you have at the top, word for word except the file name. The java is j2re-1_4_2_06-linux-i586-rpm.bin
  5. Ok, now it worked but when i restarted firefox and went to about:plugins I didn't see java anywhere
  6. I got up to where you type chmod, then it says that theres no such file or directory. How do I make it see the file?
  7. Oh, well that's what I'm on right now. hooked up through ethernet, but since this is in the wrong room I need to get my wireless to work...
  8. Yup. My internet was fine until I switched to Linux....
  9. New error: cvs [checkout aborted]: connect to cvs.sourceforge.net( failed: No route to host
  10. I did what it says to do, but it says that the command CVS isn't found, and that's the first step. How do I fix this? I have the spring edition.
  11. I just got Mandriva Linux 2007, and my wireless Netgear WG311T won't install. Help please?
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