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  1. I wanted to experience even more power and learn more about linux. So, (after some advice from a friend) i decided to try Linux Gentoo (AMD64). So i printed the gentoo handbook (the whole thing 0.o) from gentoo.org and burned a livecd. I followed the instruction in the handbook, I manually configured the kernel. Then i went to compile. (using make) I get a compiling error. Something like this: "internal compiler error: segmentation fault". I think thats it, i couldn't copy and paste The odd thing is, when i repeated this a few times the error will occur in different places. But it
  2. I like F8, i found that it mounted my windows partition without me having to do anything! since i am trying to program from linux now thats a good thing! just can't get comp up and running but thats just a slight problem, So final word...Fedora 8 is teh r0xx0r5!!!!
  3. i installed boht the livna and the drivers from nvidia.com....at the same time. so....
  4. hmm... i copied everything into the section "device" restarded and it failed i tried to reinstall the nvidia drivers because i thought that maybe the drivers didn't install right..that didn't help. so i am lost this is my current corg.conf: # nvidia-xconfig: X configuration file generated by nvidia-xconfig # nvidia-xconfig: version 1.0 (buildmeister@builder3) Wed Sep 12 14:29:35 PDT 2007 # Xorg configuration created by livna-config-display Section "ServerLayout" Identifier "Default Layout" Screen 0 "Screen0" 0 0 InputDevice "Mouse0" "CorePointer" InputDe
  5. it worked! i changed nvidia to nv, alot of stuff in the section wasn't there so i am going to re-write it again if it goes wrong now i know 2 ways to fix it!!!! THANKS!!!
  6. damn! it didn't work...it should have!!! is there a way to edit the xorg.conf from inside the bash command console?
  7. i edited my xorg and added Identifier "Videocard0" Driver "nv" Option "XAANoOffscreenPixmaps" "true" Option "Composite" "Enable" Option "TripleBuffer" "true" Option "RenderAccel" "true" to Section "Device" restarted xserver and...xserver won't start..? i have a copy of my original xorg.conf on my desktop whats the command (in bash) to replace one file with another? like replace /etc/X11/xorg.conf WITH /home/Delta/Desktop/xorg.conf ? thanks
  8. When starting compiz with the console i get this: [Delta@localhost ~]$ fusion-icon * Detected Session: gnome * Searching for installed applications... * NVIDIA on Xorg detected, exporting: __GL_YIELD=NOTHING * Using the GTK Interface * Interface not installed ... Trying another interface * Using the Qt4 Interface * Interface not installed ... Trying another interface * Using the Qt3 Interface * Interface not installed *** Error: All interfaces failed, aborting! [Delta@localhost ~]$ i installed gtk (i think ) and now i get this: [Delta@localhost ~]$ fusion-i
  9. after i posted this i tried to make sure everything was right. I checked desktop effects and it was disabled? i tried to enable but i could't!?!? it was working yesterday...?
  10. I think i already posted this but i can't find it? so here it is again. Ok so i get fedora 8, install the kmod-nvidia drivers from livna and the installed drivers from nvidias site. After that i installed Compiz and enabled desktop effects..... but when i try to start compiz nothing happens...wtf? i get no errors and nothing saying it crashed it just doesn't start. Also i noticed that the nvidia splash doesn't flash on xserver start...but the drivers where installed. this is my xorg.conf: # Xorg configuration created by livna-config-display Section "ServerLayout" Iden
  11. Guys, what do i do to my xorg.conf to get beryl working?
  12. I have heard that linux is a great OS to program in. I have been trying to learn C++, but i can't find any tutorials for c++ for linux users, they all use windows compilers . So anyone know where i can find a good programing tutorial for linux users? or maybe where i can get a simple C++ compiler for linux? pls help. Ty LONG LIVE LINUX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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