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  1. yum install kmod-ntfs im not completely sure about the first question, since you didnt mention the arch you are using. you could always download source from kernel.org
  2. can the suse pc access the internet?
  3. So correct me incase i understand wrong: right now, you're network looks something like this.... ----------- | internet | ----------- | ` router ...` wireless .........`---> computer ..................| ..................`- another router ............................| ............................ ` another computer ............................` XboX
  4. Banshee It has support for Ipods... the whole works Banshee Project
  5. dubkat

    Linux-noob add on

    count me in as well. I volunteer to help with tutorials, and proof reading other posters howto's. I can also offer professional hosting on 100mbit server. In regards to the pdfs to keep people from stealing / claiming work... I like it. It's no different than writing a program/script and adding a licence to it. To say that that one is looking for fame & glory because they want to protect their work is rediculous. lets do it!
  6. dubkat

    XEN howto

    great how to, i tried to install from source myself because i have a 64bit arch. i havnt tried it out yet though. before i continue though, can you use Windows XP as a guest OS, and if so, could you do a how-to on that for those of us who only want windows for those few essential programs that can only work (smoothly) on windows? thanks.
  7. dubkat

    Fedora Core 4

    My desktop... after some customizing, of course =) Full Size
  8. Irssi + Hybrid Operscript Collection
  9. aah. another satisfied customer... thank you. now, please paypal $20 to ....
  10. i am not aware of an all-in-one benchmark suite for linux, but i know there are tools for benchmarking things like apache and mysql individually. as far as mounting iso files... mount -o loop -t iso9660 your.iso /path/to/mount hope that helps
  11. Ok, i've installed Evolution, imported my email from Thunderbird, setup my POP email accounts, and when i click on Send/Receive it looks like everything is in business. everything completed to 100% got no error where the frack is my mail ? Im checking 2 pop3 accounts and both appear to be doing their business, but It doesnt seem to show any new mail. (no, my mail isnt 'hidden') im at a loss any help is appreciated
  12. dubkat

    Fedora Core 3

    Here are my screenshots of Fedora Core 3 (Current Desktop is GNOME after downloading some artwork from art.gnome.org) I found that doing a clean install was much better then doing an upgrade, but i suppose that is to be expected. Im also very happy that Fedora now includes the XFCE desktop, which is what my default was prior to my upgrade. ~DubKat
  13. RedHat and Fedora users who have NTFS partitions read this: Linux NTFS Project It works. but follow the directions EXACTLY =) good luck!
  14. I really like problem.gif..... are YOU a linux noob ?? great job with the graphics btw, blue/steal blue is my favorite color =)
  15. <post removed for security reason> ~dubkat
  16. you should see my GDM login screen =)
  17. I suspect your partition table is broken and your partitions are overlapping if this is the case.... i fear for your data.
  18. you've got that site you need to access but its only ipv6... what to do.... (this will also work for irc but you end up with an ugly ipv6 ip) oh well... Append to /etc/sysconfig/network NETWORKING_IPV6=yes IPV6_DEFAULTDEV=tun6to4 Append to /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ifcfg-eth0 IPV6INIT=yes IPV6TO4INIT=yes ifconfig eth0 down ifconfig eth0 up Hello IPv6!
  19. If there any Verizon DSL customers out there... They will set you up with your own PTR (reverse dns) under the following... 1. you sign up for Verizon Business Class DSL with a static ip (its really not that much more expensive) 2. after thats setup you call Verizon Online and ask to speak to the Mannaged Messeging Department and explain to them you would like to set up a PTR record for your domain. Ive had to deal with them on a number of occations, the staff is really nice, however... many of them do NOT know what the hell you're talking about. With a little luck, you will get the
  20. Here are shots of my Fedora Core 2 Desktop (i also have Fluxbox installed but i dont use it much) and right now...
  21. Hey guys... 31 here, I'll be 32 on January 7th 2005
  22. oops, i forgot to add this: As far as installing gziped archives, do the following.... tar -xvfz program.version1.3-fdr.tar.gz cd program_name less README less INSTALL ./configure --help configure options usually look like --enable-blah --disable-blah --with-something the options vary depending on the program you are trying to install, and many programs require you have other things installed first. good luck ps: just a tip - the TAB key is your friend. when typing out /directory/structures or file.names.conf the TAB key will auto-complete file/directory names for y
  23. ok. your RPM's you want to install are in /home/user/download's/ so this is what you want to do: su - cd /home/user/download's rpm -ivh blah.rpm another thing you could try to do is installing APT. Apt is a program that will help you to EASILY install programs and keep your system up to date.
  24. what if i wanted to make an RPM without actually installing it? (as i already have my package installed)
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