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    Correct, i meant a java applet.
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    Anyweb, i was thinking that it would be a great idea to allow people to connect to Efnet/#linux-noob from the forum/website. I really don't know what you would use to accomplish this project, but am sure that it would create more traffic and users in the channel!! Sanchez
  3. I have around 10 Gmail invites left to give out. if anyone would like one let me know on here or in #linux-noob on Efnet.
  4. I use gnome on my desktop computer (which i use for IRC, web, ect...) and fluxbox on my server. I love them both.
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    duel boot

    Sure, install Lilo or grub to the MBR and configure it. You might have lilo installed already. In Slackware the config file for lilo is located at /etc/lilo.conf.
  6. I am somewhat new to the Linux scene, but I figure the best way to learn it is to just use it 24/7. So I have Slackware installed on a Toshiba laptop (which I use for my day-to-day activities), p4 2.26GHz, and I also have Slackware running on a 533 that is acting as my firewall.
  7. Slackware all the way.
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