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  1. splint0r


    I was getting flood protection errors a lot too lol. Thanks for changing it to 10 seconds that should be enough time now!
  2. splint0r


    haha yeah, good luck with fixing Outlook!
  3. I haven't heard much on the Digital Signature, but I do know Longhorn will have it. The Longhorn installation process does take a LONG time, and it doesn't match up with the estimated times given; for example Gathering the computer's information was suppose to take 20 minutes for me, but it really took 35-40 minutes, and detecting hardware took about 50 minutes or so. My system specs: AMD Duron 750Mhz 768 Mb PC 100 Sdram Used a 4Gb hdd I found on the side, and it left me about 200-300Mb of free space after the installation of Longhorn.
  4. splint0r


    Welcome!! I would like to recieve a copy of your cd, I hit up shows all the time and I wouldn't mind letting others listen to it, plus I'm also in college too haha. Seeya around
  5. Have a good one and drink some for me
  6. splint0r


    Welcome to the board! You definately got some skills seeya around
  7. splint0r

    Car MP3 player.

    That system is PHAT! Do you use the pringles antennae for war driving
  8. that's HILARIOUS hahaha. i didn't click on the picture with the guys though
  9. Wow! That definately makes sense though and I'm glad you wrote that insight of IT business in depth. Businesses that lack these common sense principles are definately going to suffer, obviously you know what's going on here and hopefully millions of people will read your post and learn a lot about IT business like I did today. haha. Thanks for this awesome post!!!
  10. I believe Longhorn is INFESTED with bugs and will take a good while until most of the bugs are even worked out, until then, we'll just have to wait, haha.
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