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  1. Nevermind I figured it out.
  2. Ok I have been in Korea for the last year and had to leave the Red hat box here in the states. I have forgotten how to do alot of stuff. Right now my current problem is finding out how to run/open a .sh file (boinc_5.2.13_i686-pc-linux-gnu.sh). It is for the Einstein@Home project. I am greatful for any help. paveway
  3. paveway

    new but not new

    Found it via the #redhat chat room.
  4. paveway

    duel boot

    Ok I have Red Hat 8 on 1 harddrive and XP on another. I want to duel boot without having to reinstall XP. Is this possible? Also I am wanting to try other Linux distros with this same setup. paveway
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    new but not new

    My name is James Taylor, no not the singer. I am 31 and live here in Utah with my wife and 2 kids, Sarah (3) and Karen (1 month). I am in the USAF and work with Munitions (bombs, missiles, bullets, etc...). Been doing this from 12 years now with only 8 to go until I retire. Well I guess you can say I am an one of old timers when it comes to computers. Got my first computer in Oct 95 and I still have pieces of it laying around. Infact my Linux Box is using the 4X CD Rom. I know windows inside and out. At work everyone come to me for help fixing their home computers and work computer due to the fact the computer guys here suck. And now my Dad and brother keep bothering me with their problems. I have worked with Windows 3.1, 95, 98, 2000, XP Home and Pro, Dos 6.22 and Unix. At work, about 5 years ago, I work with Unix on a AT&T 3B2 system for the USAF. At that point I tried Slackware. That wasn't the easest thing to do with only 1 computer when you need help. Well thanks to Leo who is on TechTV's The Screen Savers I downloaded and install Red Hat 8. Man it is so easy. Now I am a gamer so I depend on Windows to get my daily fix. If they would make games I like (BF 1942, Nascar 2003, and Joint Ops) for Linux I would change my Desktop over to Linux.
  6. I am a Linux noob. 3 computers with Windows and Windows at work and now 1 Linux box. It appears to be a lot easier than it was about 6 years ago when I tried it the first time. Not going to leave Windows but I am going to use Linux more often as I learn it. paveway
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