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  1. After i upgraded to the kernel version 2.6.7... I get this error message when booting up the pc.... my nic card driver can't be loaded... Whats' the problem here....
  2. Thanks for your very helpfull information, zOny... If i still face any problem, i will get back to you..... Thanks once again....
  3. OK, thanks..... One more question, do i need to update the kernel in order to support for the wireless nic??? If i'm not mistaken, the kernel is 2.4.20... Thanks again..
  4. For the command, is it "ifconfig" instead of "iwconfig"?? Correct me if i'm wrong, 'cause i'm new in Linux world
  5. Can i know which brand of wireless nic card can be work with Redhat Linux Enterprise WS? And how do i configure it? Is it same as configure a normal nic card? Thanks
  6. Thanks.... May 17th, that's means today fedora core2 will be releasing. I see, i will go and try to download core2 then. I will try it out later.... Is it all the command from different distro is the same?? Once silly question, how about SuSE linux?? Is it good for a beginner??
  7. Thanks, i will try to do after i back to my home... I'm using lilo because i heard others said that lilo is better (don't blame me, 'cause i'm new to linux). I heard that fedora core 2 will be release soon, is it true? Might be i will wait till the core 2 to be release then i will just try it out. Is it same a RedHat??
  8. Hi, all. I got install windows and redhat9.0 in my pc using lilo.. I can dual boot it. But my windows got problem so i reinstalled d windows Now i cant dual boot it oredi.... When i start d pc, it will be direct boot into windows. I don wish 2 reinstall redhat, is it anyway that i can make it dual boot again? I install windows in my 1st hdd, and redhat in 2nd hdd... thanks
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