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    Change Xwindow

    Boot into slackware with run level 4. When the KDE prompt comes up where you enter your login information you can select which desktop environment you want to use. There are many included with Slackware.
  2. I did not go to school for computer science but I am getting interested in it. Now that I am learning C what other things I would need to study that is usually offered in a comp sci major? I see a lot of books on data structures, algorithyms, operating system design etc. Can someone give me a nice layout which, if you have books thats cool, how i can progress thru this programming/comp sci cycle. After I learn basic C and stuff, where do I go from there? Do I grab a book on algorithyms? What next? What have you learned to be the best method of progressing thru a comp sci degree? thx
  3. halpern

    Slackware help

    I will have to report the error once I get back home. I will post back in a few hours. Thanks. Update: I got everything to work fine. I am embarassed to say that the jumper on the hdd was set to slave. :-/ Thanks for the help.
  4. halpern

    Slackware help

    my primary disk is showing up as /dev/hdb... allso when i try to do installpkg swaret...tgz i get an error.. and it does nothing..do i need supported files downloaded in order to get swaret to work? Thx
  5. halpern

    Slackware help

    Hey guys. I am new to slackware. I have a few issues with my install and I am looking for advice. I will number them out. Please see if you can help me. Prior to telling me, I did not use the Slakware 2.6.* kernel install guide which is listed on this forum. I wanted to keep it basic for myself. Plus it might be good practice to learn how to update the kernel. This installation is using the standard 10.2 kernel install of 2.4.*. 1)Lilo configuration: During install I select expert LILO setup because I need to point it to /dev/hdb (my hdd). My harddrive has 2 partitions, /dev/hdb1 for swap (512) and /dev/hdb2 for '/'. During expert setup I set LILO to /dev/hdb2, boot from MBR, booting using /boot/vmlinuz and defined the boot partition to be /dev/hdb2. For some reason when my installation is completed it tells me to reboot. Ok. I'm fine with that. When it reboots the screen is black and a bunch of 02 02 start to scroll across my computer screen. It just goes 02 02 02 02 02 02 02 02 02...etc. Very wierd. It does not boot into linux then. Did I do something wrong? During the install I chose a standard linux view (i forget what it is exactly called, but I chose Normal Mode instead of like VGA 1024x768x256). I really don't know what the issue is but it is frustrating me. 2) My second issue deals with Swaret and updating slackware with necessary packages. I downloaded the most recent stable version off of their sourceforge website. i extract the files and modify the .conf file like it states. When I try to run and install it using ./doisnt.h it tells me to properly config my .conf file and run the application...When I try to run the application it says No such file or directly. (I tried doing swaret --update). Am I doing something wrong here with the installation? Are there other slackware update tools or what is good to use?
  6. I am new to linux and Slackware seems to be quite difficult for noobs. I don't think I'll be using it. I'll have to find an easy distro to learn then I can eventually get into slackware.
  7. I won't be able to use that driver from sourceforge because it says a requirement is the Linux 2.6.8 kernel and the kernel in Slackware 10.2 is 2.4.31. This is why linux is annoying
  8. Does anyone know if this wireless card is supported under slackware? I wanted to use this distro on my laptop and I am pretty new to linux so any assistance would be appreciated. Thanks.
  9. I believe I read somewhere that you can not dual boot fedora linux on an ntfs partition. Since my main drive is SATA 200gb drive (another issue) and Windows is using NTFS can I use an NTFS partition for Fedora? I would create the partition in partition magic. Also woudl there be any issues in Fedora recognizing a SATA drive during install? Thanks.
  10. I found information that someone posted about getting wireless cards to work on FC4 but dont know what model. the user stated "After changing the BIOS setting for the wireless card from "Application / Fn-F2" to just "Application" every thing fell into place." How would i change the bios or see if its set wrong? Could this be an issue?
  11. Thanks for the help it is greatly appreciated. I had tried running the RPM last night. It said something about a dependency. I think a kernel module was needed or something. What is this? I am assuming I should try the ipw software update first? Then if that doesn't work I should try the ndiswrapper..I'll need to find a good guide for that. Also, do I need to configure anything for wireless in my network connections? I mean like DNS, Default gateway, subnet mask etc. There are no values in there unless im using my Realtek nic onboard that came with my Satellite M35X-S1492, which works fine. Its just the wireless. Thanks.
  12. Thanks for the info. Anyweb what do you think?
  13. ifconfig reports nothing..unless i dont have ifconfig installed ( i am a linux noob so please excuse me if its already installed with FC4 ). In the services section of FC4 it says eth0 is configured and eth1 is active. Last night I was getting help from someone on freenode with the driver issue. The toshiba specs for my Satellite M35X-S1492 state that I have an Atheros miniPCI integrated wireless 802.11a/b/g card. Other specs also state I have an Intel WirelessPro 2200BG. Whatever this means I dont know but I guess its an Intel card with Atheros chipset or something. I tried installing MadWifi via 2 new rpms for it but I don't see any wireless settings. When I do try to activate it in the scroll box it scrolls really fast device interface 'different numbers' not found. I put different numbers because it has random numbers there. ie device interface '20458' not found device interface '12574' not found It does this over and over with random numbers. I am quite lost as to what to do. I do not know what to do next or how to configure wireless. I saw the ipw2200.sourceforge.net website but what drivers do I use? The Atheros or the Intel 2200BG? Any help is greatly appreciated. If you need anymore info please let me know. Thanks
  14. I am having an issue getting my wireless to work with FC4. I am new to linux so please be descriptive. I downloaded the firmware from sourceforge and put it in the /lib/firmware folder. What do I have to do next? I do not see any wireless settings in my FC4 network section. Please help :/
  15. ty for the help..everything works well.
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