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  1. keepalive is generally not a good option to have on unless you run like a image hosting service where you want to show a lot of pictures at once to a client
  2. $ mysql -u Username -pPassword test -e 'update accountinfo set Entreprise="OLICAR" where TAG="admin_reg" or TAG="agro"'
  3. hijinks is a nick my next door neighbor said I should use when we signed up for AOL to look at porn when we were 13-14.. It stuck on IRC and then I had a lot of hacker newbies keep msging me all day long so I typed two random characters one day and jY stuck.. its been like that for around 10 years now
  4. that isn't really what nagios is used for look into puppet http://reductivelabs.com/projects/puppet
  5. redhat5 now has xen built in.. I've been playing with the Beta for a few weeks and its great. If you have the correct intel or AMD chip there is no point to vmware anymore.
  6. I am not sure on the brands.. but make sure you spend the money to get a High Def one. Why you ask? Well think of it 5 years from now when you want to watch the little anyweb's running around and you wonder why it looks a bit blurry on your HD TV's (since that's the only kind of TV we will have).. then you figure out you went cheap and got a standard def camera.
  7. its the patch to natively get your 4311 working in linux using the bcm43xx module
  8. i got the 4311 to work in linux http://www.zcentric.com/blog/2006/12/get_t...11_to_wo_1.html
  9. http://www.zcentric.com/blog/2006/12/get_t...11_to_wo_1.html I updated my blog about getting the 4311 working in linux
  10. if you aren't scared of compiling and patching kernel source.. my bcm4311 works perfectly in with some of the broadcom patches that should be in .21
  11. what kind of broadcom do you have. I am currently attempting to help develop the native linux driver.. I have a 4311 and there are some patches that should be in .21 that make the card work and get really good speeds. there are still some that are not working too.. but I'd give the project another 6 months and there will be a good native driver in the kernel that will support most of the chipsets
  12. the command to set the background is usually at the bottom of the style you are loading in the ~/.fluxbox home directory. Chances are you don't have the program it's using to set the background image
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