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    Fedora 8

    I just installed it. I can say it is pretty nice. There is even kernel modules for some wifi cards. Unfortunatelly I couldn't force it to work with WPA2PSK, so I compiled it on my own... Anyway, it looks good and IMHO is faster than Fedora 7. Installation went through without any problems.
  2. "Sorry, but you do not have permission to use this feature. If you are not logged in, you may do so using the form below if available."
  3. I use Fedora 7 at the moment. It is pretty simple, good looking distro. I think a lot of people think 'blah, this is GUI, everything is with gui, it has yum, it sux' but the truth is you can compile everything and you can do everything without gui like in other distros. But there are some things which makes me nervous... On example I tried to install xvidcap in yum, but it said i need mplayer as a dependence... But I had already compiled mplayer by myself, heh.
  4. First, you need those 2 packages: kmod-ndiswrapper-1.46- ndiswrapper-1.46-1.lvn7 but look at the kmod-ndiswrapper. It has to be version which fits to your kernel version. On example i have: kernel- kmod-ndiswrapper-1.46- If your kernel version isn't the same like you can see above, then you must download new/old kernel/kmod-ndiswrappper If you don't have internet connection, then you can install it by: yum localinstall /home/sfxbrandon/kmod-ndiswrapper...rpm Then to load this module just type: modprobe ndiswrapper Btw. I can recommend for you to not use ndiswrapper. I bought wifi card 2 days ago, and I thought ndiswrapper is going to be the best way to use it... I was wrong. In my PC it hanged up every time i loaded any web page. So, if there are drivers for your card anywhere in the internet, then I think you shoild try it.
  5. Btw. you can use something like that: find /mnt/some/place/with/music/Artist-Album/ | grep .mp3 >> something.pls It will create playlist with all the mp3 files in /mnt/some/place/with/music/Artist-Album/ Just thought it might be usefull for you. Regards
  6. Thanks for help with this script. I actually always have one .txt and one .avi file (example below), and it is hard to type full name of txt file and avi file, because there are a lot of *.r?? files with similiar names. But that's in my case :] orenji-the.4400.403.r00 orenji-the.4400.403.r01 orenji-the.4400.403.r02 orenji-the.4400.403.r03 orenji-the.4400.403.r04 orenji-the.4400.403.r05 orenji-the.4400.403.r06 orenji-the.4400.403.r07 orenji-the.4400.403.r08 orenji-the.4400.403.r09 orenji-the.4400.403.r10 orenji-the.4400.403.r11 orenji-the.4400.403.r12 orenji-the.4400.403.r13 orenji-the.4400.403.r14 orenji-the.4400.403.r15 orenji-the.4400.403.r16 orenji-the.4400.403.r17 orenji-the.4400.403.rar orenji-the.4400.403.sfv Sample the.4400.pl.4x03.txt the.4400.s04e03.dsr.xvid-orenji.avi the.4400.s04e03.dsr.xvid-orenji.nfo I'd use a lot of TAB's and I'd have to look really close for every dots, numbers and other things in the names ;P I'm going to try to improve my script witch quotes. It didn't work for me before But maybe this time I do this right. Thanks again :]
  7. 1. I would like to say hello to everyone, because it is my first post 2. Some people are watching a lot of movies with subtitles. On example me Sometimes downloaded from some sites .txt file doesn't have the same name like ours .avi file. It's tiring to change these names in any gui application or even in console(usually there is a lot of other files like .rar, .r01...etc with similiar names). So I wrote this very little bash script which does that. #!/bin/bash mv *.txt $(basename *.avi .avi).txt It will work only if in present dir is only one .txt and .avi file, and if these files names doesn't insist any spaces. I didn't know how to make it working with spaces. If anyone know, please let me know. I hope it may be usefull for someone :]
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