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  1. hi..... i have searched for hyperthreading, but there is no such option in the bios........ pls tell me any other method by which i an et rid of this problem................ i am using CPU Type Intel Pentium 4E, 2800 MHz (14 x 200) Motherboard Name Intel Corporation D102GGC2 Motherboard Chipset Unknown System Memory 445 MB BIOS Type Insyde (11/10/06)
  2. hi thanks4 reply.... ya my mouse nd keyboard bot are ps/2. actualy i m very new to linux .. i m learning c on linux so i dnt know nything abt linux exept vi editor nd all. Can u pls explain me how to disable hyperthreading in bios... i didn't find any such option there.....
  3. hi. i am currently using windows xp.. i want to install linux.. i hd a redhat 9 cd but it doesn't install on my pc as i had sata hard disk. so i move to fedora.. i have now fedora core 7 dvd. now i am able to install linux. But wen after installing i switch on linux... during te welome wizard which comes for first time... at that wizard my pc is hanged .. mouse cursor doesn't move nor keyboard. i hv installed fedora 4 times so that it can be sorted out but everyting in vain.....even i am able to omplete that wizard also.. but then when i log on then also it hangs...sometimes a particular alph
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