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  1. When i installed fc6 it used my PCI NIC wich was defined as eth0, but after install i changed to my nforce on-board lan card wich is defined as eth1. Now, every time I boot linux i have to type "ifup eth1" to get an ip from DHCP and be connected to internet. How can I fix this so it happens automagically? This is BTW a question I've been wondering for years so please help me someone.
  2. Hey, I just recently installed FC4 on my small server, and it seems that the imagemagic, or the GD-lib wasnt installed . Is there a way to add this lib to apache without reinstalling? I also dont have internet connected to the server, so i probably got to download stuff and apply it? Im just using the box for making webpages and scripts, and i got to an stop when i could not use the imagetools :\ I dunno how to describe this problem any better but i bet you understand it? (or what, znx?) Heh.
  3. godskalk


    I got a bot if you wanna borrow it Heh
  4. hmmmmm i could post pictures of her. hehehe
  5. My ex is stalking me trough this forum.. What can i do? Help help
  6. Its still unstable! Argh. Ill just try around. :\ Yeah anyweb. I've seen people posting pictures of bf1942 in linux so its possible. We need to play some time alright. I'll whoop your ass btw.
  7. Ok i got it, did some googling. Now i added the noinotfy to the kernel command, gonna try some screensavers and stuff now. If this works i can go to the step of getting battlefield 1942 installed\working Wich is my primary goal
  8. How? Where? :\ And what does this mean? :>
  9. He didnt answer because his pc crashed.
  10. Oh i havent checked this. The pc freezes so i gotta do a cold reboot. Im gonna check it later
  11. My Ubuntu distro keeps locking up, atleast everytime the screensaver goes on. I bet this is a video card issue (ati 9800 pro), since in Windows i gotta use 4x agp instead of 8x agp or the computer locks up everytime i play a game or just random. I've installed the fglrx drivers and they work fine, i have 3d acceleration and all. Tried to set the AgpMode option to "4", but it still freezes. Anyone have a tip on what i can do? I checked if i can set the max\min agp usage in BIOS but i can't.
  12. But did that work for you? It didnt work for me. I had to download it and install it manually. Both in fedora and ubuntu.
  13. i dont, because i dont send any mails. heh.
  14. I gotta use 1024*768 to be able to use 85 mhz on this monitor, wich is preferred!
  15. So! Where are all the girls?!
  16. So many good-looking noobs Here is one more:
  17. Hey, here is a neat way to upgrade from FC2 to FC3 without doing a clean install, but using apt-get. First you must find the apt repositories from somewhere, I used this page right here: Fedora Apt/Yum Repositories list. Now go to your server and doing as root and backup the apt sources.list cd /etc/apt cp sources.list sources.backup Now, edit the sources.list. Remove everything inside and replace with the apt links from the Fedora Apt/Yum Repositories list. Save and exit, then do an update and upgrade with apt-get. apt-get update && apt-get dist-upgrade -y This will take a while When finnished, reboot and you will have Fedora Core 3. I dont know if this is a good way for doing it but it worked for me, so far so good.
  18. It's very nice, except the penguin-font in the bottom, was abit anoying if you ask me.
  19. Its very good anyweb, linux-noob.com has always been good so now its just better. QwErTy did a good job on the logo too, I like it..
  20. Yes I like it. I liked the old one too. But, omg! Install norwegian language support Feel free to write your posts in norwegian too, heh then it would be perfect.
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