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  1. hcyuan

    SSL not installed?

    I tried using the YaST before but I couldnt get the Pidgin on YaST. So what other ways are possible. Thanks How did you go about installing? RPM?
  2. hcyuan

    SSL not installed?

    I installed the gnutls-devel and recompiled but it still gave me the same message about the SSL support. Am I meant to reintall pidgin? If so, how do I unistall pidgin before reinstalling it? Thanks If I remember correctly, you should be able to find the Pidgin software through YaST and remove it that way.
  3. hcyuan

    SSL not installed?

    I did a search for Pidgin and nothing came up. If I understand it correctly, Pidgin used to be GAIM. Anyways, the problem turns out that you need to have gnutls-devel installed before you compile the software. That fixed my problem.
  4. hcyuan

    SSL not installed?

    Version: SLED 10 SP 1 I just recently downloaded Pidgin 2.0.2 and got that all installed correctly (at least I think it's installed correctly). However, when I try to add my MSN, GTalk, and Novell Messenger account, I get errors saying that it can't connect because SSL support was not installed. I went into YaST -> Software Management and did a search for SSL and a bunch of SSL modules are installed. Anybody know why I'm getting this error? Am I missing a SSL module or something? Thanks in advance!! Nuri
  5. hcyuan


    Just thought I dropped in and introduce myself. I'm fairly new to Linux. I always wanted to get away from Windows as everyday it drives me closer to being nuts...especially at work. I currently have my work PC set up with SuSE Linux Enterprise Desktop (SLED) 10 SP 1. It looks nice so far, but I have tons of questions that I'll probably be bugging everybody with. Hopefully, I'll be able to replace Windows here at work for me. Later on, I'd like to replace my laptop OS with SLED, so I'll probably be pestering some more! Wah ha ha ha ha! Hopefully I haven't scared everybody away yet... <-- I love this icon!!
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