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  1. ArchLinux Kernel 2.6.11-7 KDE-3.4 Baghira style KSmoothDock
  2. Hey.. sorry it took me so long to get back.. but it's still just as slow to load the PHP pages as ever... I'm in Rockford, IL.. which is about 80 miles NW of Chicago. I never browse on anything less than 1.5Mb connections either, and generally an usign my 4Mb cable at home.. Didn't mean to come off bashing or anything... Just my observasions..
  3. <double post> (this site runs incredibly slow.. which is why I'm never here, and on LQ instead)
  4. It's largely looked down upon using the 3rd party crap toold like swaret and slapt, etc.. You're updating should be done manually... follow the updates..read the update and it will tell you what packages have been updated and need to be installed in what order.. About every day you get people in the #slackware channel on freenode whining about how "I used swaret(or slapt or whatever) and I borked my system.." No support is given to these people.. that's not how it was meant to be updated... download the packages.. and do it manually... it's not difficult... Now, I do agree about t
  5. hey anyweb, maybe you (or someone else) can help me out with this one... I'm running Debian 3.1 "Sarge" on my notebook... It was running 2.4 kernel okay but I wanted the ACPI to turn off my notebook automatically... so I upgraded to 2.6.7... Under 2.4 my touch pad worked fine (tap-to-click and scroll bars) now after upgrading... my touchpad moves very fast... which is okay because I just slowed down the mouse acceleration... but i can't tap or scroll now... I downloaded the synaptics driver... i installed it through apt-get and I also download the source... did my make and make ins
  6. Where is the gkrellm system onitor because i can't find it!! it wasn;t installed and i can't find it under add/Remove packages either! i want it!
  7. Hey all... I already posted this on LQ and haven't gotten much help though a couple of people have the same problem... I don't know what's up with this... I've tried boot params just as "ide-nodma" and "allowcddma" as suggested.. neither work... it's really bummin me out... anyweb, you seem like a pretty experienced fedora guru... but if you didn't run into this problem than you probably don't know how to fix it eh? Any help is greatly appreciated... I have to go to work... but I'll be checking back around 8:00...
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