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  1. warlocke

    Setting up DMZ

    Probably the best walkthrough for setting up a nicely functional iptables setup is at http://www.iptablesrocks.org/ which is part of "The Rocks Project." You'll find several very useful config walkthroughs at http://www.rocksproject.org/. What most people are really looking for when they say the want a DMZ is actually a NAT setup, so more specific info would be very helpful. Rather than setting up a DMZ, it's usually a lot more practical and sane to just do port forwarding for _only_ the ports/services you need. Hope this helps!
  2. Works like a charm. Now I won't have any excuse.
  3. warlocke

    CD Burning

    Is it possible that /dev/scd0 is mounted? If something has /dev/scd0 locked, the command 'lsof /dev/scd0' should show what's holding it up. If lsof isn't installed, Freshmeat or Google should help you find it. Also, what was the output from 'cdrecord --scanbus'?
  4. Ummm.... busy? heheh All I can say is work takes up _waaay_ too much time. That and I'm very forgetful. I just made sure email notification was set up to keep me from forgetting about posts.
  5. Man, I'm usually not this slow to reply. heheh. I currently use RHEL3 for my servers and SUSE 9.1 for my desktops. Thanks for the warm welcome.
  6. Hey, folks. I'm Warlocke, and I've been using linux for about 8 years. Hopefully I can help out some of the newer guys with their questions.
  7. By default, NTFS is going to be read only. So you can't really change permissions on something that's read only. But even if you mount it with write support, NTFS doesn't "understand" linux permissions.
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