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    DNS Server?

    Yes, thank you. But I would need some kind of documentation of how to set it up manually. Thank
  2. alan

    DNS Server?

    What's the best way to setup DNS server for your cabinet? Ns1.yourdomain.com NS2.yourdomain.com Inputs please...
  3. alan

    Setting up DMZ

    I think what he meant is to make one of his computer live on the internet... All you got to do is to login into your router, and point your internal ip of that server, and that computer will have full ride through the router, unless configured elsewise...
  4. Can you guys please tell me how to change my IP in linux red hat 9? I want to set a static ip for my server.
  5. Can somebody please guide me the steps to create ftp user account. One account with upload/download/delete and one with just mainly download. Thanks!
  6. Can I view my Linux Red hat 9 partition HD on my Winxp? Please let me know. Thanks~!
  7. I just set it awhile ago, and now I forgot it. Is there a way to retrieve it back?
  8. If this ever happened to anybody, please note that you need to install all the "GCC" compilers that's available in Synaptic. It solved my problem above.
  9. I got that while running the configuring line for mysql please help.
  10. Can we apply this How-To's with the current version of apache, mysql, and php?
  11. Thank you Anyweb. It's all because of you, I've re-install my server to Fedora with defaults settings. I made sure that fedora didn't install apache/php/mysql with the setup. I am following your how-to's at the moment. However, I'm quite paranoid when it comes to servers; you could say I want to know everything immediately, I guess you could say that I just want to be sure of what I'm doing is right. My next question is, I have a few domain names registered at Registerfly.com. I want to forward them to my current server. How am I going in about of doing that? Setting up a nameserver?
  12. I've never have a chance to work with linux until 2 days ago. I've always run cpanel/WHM on linux, but that's just the interface, not hardcore linux user. I just got a server running at 2.66 ghz and 1 gig ram, 40 gigs drive. Will soon plug it into a data center running at OC-48 for webhosting. The question is, can i set up everything at home running my cable modem, and then plug it into the data center later. I'm running Fedora 2 right now, and it's fresh, I've havent install anything yet. Can you please tell me step by step of all the softwares/RPMs I need in order to have my ser
  13. Do you need to install this in order to run a webhosting service?
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