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  1. Catacomb

    My Lab....

    My Desktop Fedora 7 Amd x2 5200+ 2.6Ghz 2 Gigs Of Ram 149Gig Raid Striped
  2. Catacomb

    My Lab....

    My NAS Server CentOS 4.x 757Gigs 700+MB Amd Athlon 2600+
  3. Sigh.... Heres An Updated But Old Picture Of That Setup....
  4. Ah..... My Old Hosting Company "Went Bankrupt"
  5. Slide Mouse Left To Right Real Fast Till You Reach The End Of Your Screen Then Up Real Fast And You Get This..... Look @ Pic
  6. I Also Love Slack. Right Next To Fedora
  7. java and flash don't seem to work on a 64bit os as far as my exp. went back to x86
  8. Still Working On It Switched From gDesklets To conky
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