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  2. I see that this thread is a little old -- nevertheless -- there are a lot of ways to install/run/configure a firewall on Linux, as well as get wine going. The easiest for both of these may be to use automatix (www.getautomatix.com). It will get WINE, guarddog firewall, and a lot of other items going for you. I wrote a little more about it here : handsomeplanet.com: Easy start for Ubuntu For firewalls, also be aware that you can use a GUI tool like Synaptic Package Manager (System->Administration->Synaptic) or a command-line search to find things that match, e.g., "firewall." So, doing "apt-cache search firewall" will return a number of items, including firestarter, kmyfirewall, fwbuilder, guarddog, etc. which you should be able to install with "sudo apt-get install <package-name>". In Ubuntu 7.04, firestarter is available from the Applications->Add/Remove menu. Also, the iptables firewall will be included in most Linux distros by default -- it is a little tricky to configure without some patience, however.
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