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  1. First off thank you for any help you offer mein advance I do appreciate it. This is my lspci [root@localhost ~]# /sbin/lspci 00:00.0 Host bridge: ATI Technologies Inc Unknown device 5a31 (rev 01) 00:01.0 PCI bridge: ATI Technologies Inc RS480 PCI Bridge 00:06.0 PCI bridge: ATI Technologies Inc RS480 PCI Bridge 00:12.0 IDE interface: ATI Technologies Inc 4379 Serial ATA Controller (rev 80) 00:13.0 USB Controller: ATI Technologies Inc IXP SB400 USB Host Controller (rev 80) 00:13.1 USB Controller: ATI Technologies Inc IXP SB400 USB Host Controller (rev 80) 00:13.2 USB Controller
  2. We'll I am really upset it turns out that my wireless card is not supported in Fedora, I have the Atheros AR5BXB61 aka AR5211 chipset now I have read a team is working on making functional drivers but as of right now: no dice . Although what I don't understand is that in both Backtrack 2&3 my Wireless card worked? Am I missing something? Also I got ndiswrapper to install but now when I open a terminal and su then input ndiswrapper commands they are not found? any idea? thanks
  3. I figured it out!!!! <_<d@#$ that really sucked, I had to google it in thirty different times in a million different context but I found it. I added the # # sudo rpm -ivh http://rpm.livna.org/livna-release-8.rpm then # # sudo rpm --import /etc/pki/rpm-gpg/RPM-GPG-KEY-livna to add the new repository and lastly I used # # sudo yum -y install ndiswrapper thanks anyweb for the guide and idea's for this I am reading now and going to implement if I can, I'll post any problems and my eventual success.
  4. this is what I get when I use yum for a lot of things not just NDISWRAPPER, any suggestions. I'm using Fedora 8 So obviously I feel like an idiot, how would I download and manually install anything for that matter from an ****.tar.gz ?
  5. Hello I am new to Linux and I have been searching this for a week now. I have a new Toshiba Satellite with the Atheros AR5bxb61 mini pci-e card in it. in the network device control it shows ath0 but when i try to activate it it say's "device does not seem to be present delaying initialization." I am a noob to linux and desperately want to understand and power use linux to it's max, but i am starting to get frustrated cause BT3 live cd & USB both can use my wireless better than windows. can someone help me understand this please. Thanks
  6. Okay I was playing and I screwed up bad, I try'd to dual boot BT3 and XP Pro on my Toshiba Notebook and now I have this error (Invalid Partition Table). I try'd to Redo the LILO.conf but get a read-only system returned. Please help I have been working on this for 3 1/2 days I'm stumped. Thanks for any help. I was installing Backtrack 3 beta, I followed remote-exploit's walk through but it was for BT2I resized the HDD partition to allow 16Gb for BT3. To resize the partition I used Partition magic 8. I used this walk through www.offensive-security.com/documentation/backtrack-hd-install.pdf.
  7. Hey Man I don't know if you have solved your problem yet But there are three types of windows License Upgrade, OEM, and Volume, Each has a particular kinda prod. Key they will accept. You must use the specific install disc with that key. now that is not to say that only one key can be used per box no, but they have to be for the right installation. Okay and if you keep getting the invalid key error you are either entering a wrong alpha-numeric character (watch 8's & B's they tend to blend together) or you are using the wrong install media. And as for the Service Packs a code for sp1 will w
  8. Hey everyone I'm a noob Hey I need help, how do I view the size of my hard drive, and how do I see how much space is left on it? I am run Fedora 7 is it even Possible?
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