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  1. You can always dual-boot. This means that you install both Fedora and Ubuntu! Or use live CDs and see which one you find better on first impressions etc
  2. Thats the annoying thing with most distros, to install things via yum or RPM there are dependancy errors constantly. I'm not too sure how to fix these erros either which doesn't help, but back to the point, the main reason why I prefer Ubuntu over other distros such as Fedora and SuSE is that to install something all I need to do in most cases is <i> sudo apt-get install *software*</i>. The APT package managment save a lot of time and reduces stress! Same goes for source codes, 90% of the time, install from source fails. I type the usual "./cofigure" and get errors saying this
  3. zasderf

    My other HDD

    I have two HDDs. Funnily enough, when my Windows mess up I lose all my data at which point I hate windows. So what I did was, I have a spare 60GB HDD which I install XP on and another 200GB HDD for all my files. For my Linux installiation, I partition my 60GB drive in 40GB (XP) and 20GB (Linux). Whilst using Ubuntu, it has a shortcut to my other HDD on the desktop, or I can access it via folders /media/hdb1. When I removed Ubuntu (because I found it a little annoying installing things), I put SUSE on. After my successful SUSE installation; on the desktop my other HDD does not show, I went
  4. With all due respect to anyweb; I do not like Norton. Many people including I do not like it for it super-ram-hogging; which slows down the PC a lot. A computer expert told me; Norton works like this: it has a database with all the viruses that it will find during a scan. It also has a engine, the scanning part. Some viruses have been able to located and delete this database, because the scanner find viruses that are written in the database, now, if a virus clears the database, the scanner is essentially finding nothing. I have read a recent article suggesting Kaspersky is the best AV s
  5. Fristly, as a easy way out first. Is there a built-in .avi player in any linux distro? (preferably a easy/beginner distro) I have tried a few distro and this does not seem to be defaulted. So, are they are .avi players that you recommend; hopefully one that is easy to install. I seem to have trouble installing. With SUSE, no idea how to use RPMs. With Ubuntu; I paste in things and it does not seem to work and constantly get errors! So maybe as another question, which one is "good" for installing, so there is not much hassle.
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