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  1. Free NX is the solution that MANY of us all needed: I'm on a windows or linux box, and need to remote control another linux box... securely... over ssh only... SSL secure... oh, and with GUI too! Enter NX... Server Setup: On your linux box (nx server) Open terminal, and su to root yum install freenx guess what - that's it! The yum install does ALL the config for you! You should only need to copy the client.id_dsa.key from /etc/nxserver to your client, then properly import the key into the client setup Client Setup: Windows Box Download the Wi
  2. OK, is it just me, or is anyone else having trouble installing these Compiz themes in FC6? Normally, i just drag the theme file over the Gnome Theme manager, and it installs - these all say wrong file format... Any ideas? PS - the Enhanced Desktop Effects are AWESOME! Windows Wiggle... Screen Rotates between desktops... cool stuff!!!
  3. Fedora Core 5 Install notes, Extras and Add-ons Notes for this Document: I
  4. dan

    ndiswrapper help

    OK, That problem is fixed. Now on to other problems with this ndiswrapper.... I have it installed - have installed the windows drivers, and Fedora "sees" the Wireless card as "ndiswrapper wlan0". when I go to activate the adapter, this is the error I get: I'm running Kernel 2.6.9-1.667 from Linuxant - to fix the stack4 problem listed in the ndiswrapper FAQ. The Wireless card is a Linksys WPC54G ver 1 - Driver according to ndiswrapper can be found here Hope I haven't let anything out. Thanks in advance for your help!!!!
  5. dan

    ndiswrapper help

    I downloaded the ndiswrapper from http://ndiswrapper.sourceforge.net/ - ver 1.0. I followed the direction localed here: http://ndiswrapper.sourceforge.net/phpwiki...hp/Installation First step is to MAKE Second Step is to MAKE install I'm getting the "Error 2" on both of these, so I'm assuming there is no point in going any further. I did go on to look in the Wiki to find my Linksys WMA54G pcmcia card in the list that WILL work with the ndiswrapper, and downloaded the appropriate driver recomended from from Dell of all places... weird, but Ok... Hope this sheds
  6. dan

    ndiswrapper help

    I cannot find ANY easy directions/guide for installing the ndis utility. I have a Linksys WMA54G pcmcia card in a Dell Latitude C400 running Fedora Core 3. I looked at the ndis website, but am lost - I tried the instructions from that site, but to no avail... PLEASE HELP!! Thanks in advance!!!
  7. dan

    Gmail invites

    I have 6 Invites to anyone that would like them - The First 6 replies win!
  8. dan

    xfce + gDesklets

    This is the error whey ./configure for installing pygtk Any help?
  9. dan


    Hi all! First I want to say, WOW! I'm SOOOOOO happy to finally find a Linux community that is geared towards newbies! I'm an IT Manager for a large company in the US, MCSE, A+ etc... but have never seriously sat down and learned linux. I've installed in numerous times, and played with it, but never enough to really do EVERYTHING that i need it to do. Last summer was the last time that i did anything serious. Well, now I'm installing Fedora C2 on a desktop. I'm looking forward to getting wine installed, and using some windows programs working under linux. If i am successful, then I p
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