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    I am the Ritter, you are not the Ritter! No one else can be the Ritter but me... for I shall forever be the Ritter and the only Ritter. Actually I just wanted to say Ritter a bunch so searches would point here rather that other posts that mention Ritter. This message was brought to you in part by viewers like you, ... well, and Ritter. Okay, mostly by Ritter. Have I said Ritter enough yet?
  1. No, Ritter, I'm afraid that even I cannot revive it. Not only is it dead, but it appears to be in an advanced state of decomposition. Pity, really. It looked like it had such great potential otherwise. R.I.P.
  2. Do they call you Doctor because you attempt to revive dead forum threads?
  3. Oddly, no. Just have a strange attraction to things german. It just felt right.
  4. Mine is german... Ritter means knight,.. I also am know to use: edler rittersmann
  5. Consult http://lagmonster.org/docs/vi2.html for more, I found its a pretty good reference. However one option seems understated. If you want to delete everything from the cursor to the end of the file you'd do (while out of INSERT mode): dG The d tells vi to delete, the G tells vi to go to the end of the file.
  6. One forum to rule them all, one forum to find them, one forum to bring them all, and in the web unite them
  7. linux-noob.com: noobs in the know, helping noobs grow
  8. linux-noob.com: friendly, informative, hard-core linux action -- take a peek
  9. Thanks for the account, Anyweb! Ritter (at)
  10. No you cannot, not that others haven't tried .. not to name any names (Flukex!)
  11. Apple .. won't have said so if I didn't have a G5 to play with. OSX rocks for a desktop. GENTOO STILL PWNS FOR SERVERS, lol.
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