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  1. Ive added you to MSN messenger, trying to get you to remote connect, so hopefully you get online before i have to disassemble my computer from this room. I think my problem was i had it set to get a IP with DHCP. My wired connection didnt work till i put it on BootI or what ever. So, now my problem is getting the drivers for the wireless card to show up again, and maybe i could try to see if that one option was all i needed to change. If you arent on when i am, maybe you can just inform me on how to have the Broadcom 4306 driver to show up again in the list for ethernet devices.
  2. I used to have a ? 30 foot ? Cat5 Cable, but somewhere along the years of having wireless it vanished. So, If i really had to, i would have to move everything over into my parents room, where the modem is, and connect it through there. Which i will probably do. When are you available? I live in California, USA, so obviously we need to find a time we are both on.
  3. I think the problem is the fact that its thinking this is a ethernet card, when this is to connect to a wireless network. I have installed the drivers for this card. when i go to set up the card, i can only get the card to show up under ethernet, not wireless. What do i do?
  4. I looked through my terminal and saw this error: ***Warning*** This file contains new version4 firmware. v4 firmware is not supported by the driver in mainline kernels. For v4 Firmware you need latest bcm43xx development version. If you don't know what this warning is about, use a 3.xx.xx.xx driver version instead to extract the firmware. Not sure what that is all about. Ive downloaded exactly what you have instructed me to download.
  5. Im not sure if maybe im missing something or not, but still no luck with a fresh install. I have fwcutter and broadcom-wl- Now, when i complete the instructions, nothing has been done. I look at my Network list, and the only profile there has a hardware that doesnt have broadcom in it. it has RTL8139 SMC EZ Card which i am sure is my motherboard's ethernet connection. No where in the list for either Ethernet or Wireless is there a Broadcom 4306 Adapter. The only Broadcom is Tigon3 Im stuck here now.
  6. Right now, im gonna start all over with a clean install. Im not sure if maybe in my tinkering with other ways to install this card, i messed something up. If it works, ill tell you.
  7. Alright, i got everything installed, and supposedly right. Now, my problem: My wireless connection comes up under Device eth0. The instructions talk about wlan0. I try to activate my card, and it says "Failed; no link present. Check Cable?" I did what you said in that howto by doing the iwconfig and ifconfig stuff. Only, i set my wlan0 to my accesspoint's essid to "orE9Ne". It does not connect to it still. i Assigned an ip to it. and dhclient freezes my computer.
  8. Alright, I have an idea of how to install Ndiswrapper, but i have NO clue on how to make a Kernel to install it. I have searched all over google, but obviously im still here... Without a Internet connection, how would i do that?
  9. Sorry, I am a complete noob. This is a computer in my room, and i dont have access to a wired connection from it. So, i have to download stuff from my laptop with windows, and transfer it to my computer via USB Stick.
  10. its the Howto on these forums: https://www.linux-noob.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=3014
  11. I have downloaded FWcutter, Ndiswrapper, and the Windows Firmware for my card. The problem is, the HOWTO wants to do a yum command, only i have no internet connection on that computer. So "YUM" wont work. This is my first time using Linux, so I have no clue what i am doing. I have a Linksys WMP54G with a Broadcom BCM4306 chipset. Please help.
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