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  1. I did apt-cache search wlan. I didn't get sucessful or anyting it just went back to the command prompt does this mean im good?
  2. How did you get www.linux-wlan.org installed on fedora? I get errors.
  3. It won't make install :/ it always fails I tried ./Configure too but it failed
  4. c_lisp


    Your system appears to contain a security patch that will cause trouble when running some programs in CrossOver. To fix the probblem, please consult the online FAQ at then there link which is broke http://www.codeweavers.com/site/support/do...#SECURITY-PATCH
  5. c_lisp


    anybody know how to get cross over office working agian. After you upgraded the newest security patch for fedora.
  6. it says no wireless extensisions
  7. says I have it install but I still can't do iwconfig
  8. I can't get it installed. make gives me a error when I try to cp files that they say to sometimes theres not folder for the cp
  9. I don't have iwconfig command in my terminal. Its not detecting it.
  10. I have fedora core 2, but when I try to setup my wireless network setup I don't see anything that has orinoco on it. I see orinoco drives in fedora though. I was wonder if anybody can tell me how to set it up? I have my gold card is model 8460-03.
  11. Is there a programming language that lets you code visual stuff for fedora core 2?
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