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    Basic DNS

    You don't need to run dns server for lan-only, use /etc/hosts.
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    My nick is ardya, I'm a channel operator on EFNet IRC's #linux channel. I've been on that channel around 7+ years, been an op for around 5 years. I've been asked by this boards maintainer if I wanted to take part in these forums, and I said yes I have two web sites, one for linux related subjects http://linux.ardynet.com/frames.php3 and my music site http://www.ardynet.com. There's also http://www.kritek.net for testing IPv6 connectivity. I also host two irc servers on a small net, irc.diix.org (IPv4/6), and irc.ipv6.kritek.net (IPv6 only). My web sites offer some services like mp3/ogg streaming of my own music, IPv4/6. That's about it
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