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  1. 55 = 0101 0101... wha.... oh hey there. Thanks. I will. I REALLY need to convert my desktop machine to dual boot linux. I have been meaning to for a year now. So let me get this straight. The live CD will run as if I had installed the distro on the machine as far as driver compatibility goes? So I could mess around and get everything running right before I install? Wouldn't there be an issue with installing packages since I never actually installed the distro? I'm thinking this makes it impossible to tell if i could get things running right without much hassle if i could
  2. Hi. i have an old 800Mhz celeron gateway laptop with 192 MB memory and 10 GB HD. It also requires that I use a sagem 8o2.11x card model xg-760n. What kind of prep should I do if I decide to install Ubuntu linux on it. And would ubuntu Kill this machine. I decided not to put XP on it because I know XP with service pack 3 is an old machine slayer and would bring it to it's knee's. I'm wondering if Ubuntu will do the same. It currently has WinME on it. Also I found alot of negative feedback about the xg-760n card with linux on google. Thanks alot. Antifanboy. AKA lectrici
  3. Hi. I need to pipe ls -l | awk' STUFF TO DETECT LINKED & SYMLINKED FILES ' > 1 { print }' any help with the ' STUFF TO DETECT part is highly appreciated. Thx. Kpratt out.
  4. I don't know if this issue is even linux related. Creative has never once, in the history of their company, written good code. I don't know if its the hardware or what but Creative is Garbage. My Audigy Platinum, and My PC cam and My Muvo all had severe driver issues multiple times, INSIDE the 'windows' environment thats supposed to be cake to code for. How creative labs was ever embraced en masse is beyond me. Good choice with the MAudio card. As a guy who records Music I can say MAudio does a fantastic Job. http://www.m-audio.com/index.php?do=support&tab=faqs I have a re
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