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  1. wow.. haven't been in here for a while .. looks great!

  2. PFFT.. I have witnessed what you refer to as help. enuf said on the subject for me.. next Modernbob, i really dont think you have any idea what the hell you are talking about.... i was one of the people that helped the most in that channel. and i Posted very useful stuff to this forums all the time. as well, i helped anyweb anytime i could. Modernbob, you are a farce sir and have no idea what you are talking about.
  3. The really sad thing here is that I have never had any problem with anyweb but flukex on the other hand I definitely have. In the entire time that I was in that channel on efnet I never once personally witnessed flukex helping anyone. I read through the link you posted and that is certainly sad. However, it appears that you have a new channel up and if this is still true I will join up. As far as losing money, I have given to cause of this site on several occasion monetarily and would consider doing so again. I realize that the money given doesn't pay for all this or compensate you for your ti
  4. I have been playing around with linux since about 2000. I didn't get really serious about it until about 2004. Thats when I came across this board. There have been some people in here that really helped me out and I learned a lot from, namely p38. I jumped on irc since a lot of the people on the board were on irc. Unfortunately the IRC channel is run by a few people that dictate to the rest and they really are no longer interested in helping anyone. But, thats ok.. things change and I understand that.
  5. Not new but haven't visited in a while
  6. There were several of these in my inbox. just deleted them.
  7. Site is way fast.. glad to see you back up.. :-)
  8. Well, having let a sufficient amount of time pass I believe that it is safe to say that oracle hasn't even dented RHEL. In fact they might have just helped Redhat by bringing some publicity to Redhat's offerings. I for one and happy to see Redhat survive and make a profit. I would like to suggest they get back into a desktop OS market and Fedora isn't it.
  9. modernbob

    RHEL5.1 repos

    I have recently paid for a installed RHEL5.1. This is preciesly what I am looking for.. stable server OS that I don't have to upgrade every 6 month (my gripe with Fedora). However, it has come to my attention that there isn't much in the way of desktop packages for this OS in the repos. No openoofice, and lots of other little things. Does anyone know of any repos that may have such desktop programs. Thanks
  10. after loading up Fedora 8 I discovered that an application I use everyday didn't work anymore. FreeNx is like remote desktop for Linux. I use this to do things on this server everday and discovered that when I used the client application I would connect but when it came to displaying the remote desktop the program just crashed out. After about a week of looking around and asking questions someone finally enlightened me on what to do to fix this issue. Please see below: So I suggest: - checking security contexts - checking /tmp/.X11-unix/ for correct permissions and creation: $
  11. "followup" I should have added this a long time ago but forgot. Beryl/compiz both goof up netbeans. People at SUN know about and it's been posted in a list of things to fix for a long time. Maybe one day they will get around to it.
  12. I am having some serious problems trying to get netbeans to run on Fedora 7. Actaully everything appears to look ok until I start the application. The gui comes up but nothing else. I get a white background and nothing further works. If anyone gets this to work please let me know how you did it. If you tried to load it and it didn'r work tell me what happened. modern@amorphous-codeworks.com Thanks Rwo
  13. The URL listed below will help a lot. http://www.mjmwired.net/resources/mjm-fedo...c6.html#acrobat There are a couple of edits that need to be made so acrobat will launch properly. :-)
  14. I loaded up fc6 x86_64 and did the usual new OS stuff. After setting up the servers and using konquerer in superuser to view the maillog file "by right clicking on the file and edit with kwrite" I closed konquerer and did a yum update. After a reboot I went back to check the mailog file and got the following error KDEinit could not launch 'kwrite'. I tried to view the maillog file with a different editior and still the same error only with the selected editor name where kwrite was. I tried to use krusader but got the same error. After a little while I started looking on Google and discovered t
  15. I recently starting exploring different windows managers and wanted to try Enlightenment on fc6. While looking for information about E16 I came across the following website that has a yum repo for E17 which is updated weekly. Check it out it's pretty neat. http://sps.nus.edu.sg/~didierbe/index.html To aquire Enlightenment E17 for FC6 Download and run the following RPM to install the yum repo: http://sps.nus.edu.sg/~didierbe/share/dc-f....fc6.noarch.rpm Then open a terminal session and type: yum install enlightenment Then log out of the current session you are in and log b
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