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    I like a lot of things, reading, football, messing around with my computer, hanging out with my friends, a lot of basic teenage stuff!
  1. Omg, as much as I am surprised at it, that is pretty true in my opinion. There are very few places where you can get reliable and good info on how to start your way up the linux ladder. Kudos to all you guys who help us noobs here. I got Mandrake as well. I attempted Fedora Core 1 and wasn't really taken by it. So in a last ditch attempt I put WinXP back on my main computer (I know ) and put my friends mandrake on a spare older computer. Now this is on the Internet and I can spend my spare time getting to know how it works. In the mean time I have dual-booted my main computer for sp
  2. Hey, might as well announce that I'm back too, with more questions and finally got my school to set me up my own little linux system in the back. I've had enough of these labs full of WinXP that won't let you open IE or something. Oh well, Seeno, nice site, love the font (I like halo as well ).
  3. Hey, I'm on a mandrake 9.2 distro at the moment and I wanted to download and install GIMP as a linux alternative to Photoshop. I downloaded the tar.gz and I haven't a clue which commands to use in the Konsole or otherwise. Also I downloaded firefox, and it works from its shortcut but there is no icon in the 'start button menu' thingy. Maybe I installed it wrong or something, any help will be greatly appreciated. PS how do I instert pictures properly into OpenOffice Writer? I tried doing the insert -> picure and it gives me a lot of pages (like 2000 or something) with a bunch of garbl
  4. I'm 16, so Im not the youngest, but close... Mephistophyles
  5. I have a 80 gig hard drive on this computer, running XP, mandrake is on the other one (older comp) but I did partition this comp, with c: and d:, but somehow, bill gates only knows, I managed to have 119.4gigs of memory on those 2 drives... if any one has an explanation I would like to know.
  6. mephistophyles


    VMWare seems to be a popular alternate to wine. hope this helps Mephistophyles
  7. Thanx Venom Mephistophyles
  8. Hey, nice pics, indeed its a good game, check out the mod Battlegroup 42 (my personal fav) but a few questions: 1) second screen shot, that's a helicopter, how did you get that, was it from a mod? 2) I haven't been able to get any games running on linux, I have wine, but haven't a clue how to run it, and 3) what's this about linux a different version for linux, you need to download a whole game or a patch thingy to install a game on linux, cuz I have a lot of games, but they're all windows CDs
  9. wow, how did you do that is there a winamp version for linux, linamp? Mephistophyles
  10. Ok, time for a noob to pop into the convo, IRC? xChat? what? I saw the pic of xChat running in Windows, looked like a IM program in a dos format, (sry if this sounds dumb) Mephistophyles
  11. Honestly I don't care too much if there are advertisements, but if they're not those annoying pop-ups, but just messages on the sides, or banners on the top or bottom of pages I think that you should do it anyweb, keeps www.linux-noob.com online, and doesn't annoy too much. Mephistophyles
  12. good point, thanks, I'll check em out!
  13. nice, looks cool, but wouldn't personally wanna wake up and see that first thing in the morning , do you have its brother on your other arm? jk Mephistophyles
  14. Sorry for flooding you guys with these questions, but I can't seem to find any answers when i look on www.yahoo.com or www.google.com, but everytime i try and open a crossword in this case online i get this grey square with in it printed Error: java executeable file not found, what do I do?
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