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  1. thanx for this howto it worked fine on a mandrake 10 just changed the version of java and everything else was exactly the same
  2. hey i was having problems with the installing of limewire because the installer says no java installed so with the help of Randall in the irc channel i did a softlink in the /bin directory to java like this i was in the /bin directory as su and then i typed ln -s /usr/java/j2re1.4.2_05/bin/java . do not forget the final dot and it did a softlink (link in windows ) to java because i had my java installed at /usr/java/j2re1.4.2_05/bin/java then i go and run the limewire client installer and it worked just fine !!!! (sorry about my english is almost my 2nd language)
  3. hey im really noob on linux haha hope that whit some time stop been it lol , hey my question is im using mandrake 10 and i use mozilla for the internet navigation and my question is , Is it normal that when i try to access some site is really slow that what is it on my xp os , is it normal or maybe i need to configurate something , i have a dsl roueter and the router ip is and the ip on linux is , and when i acces my internet connections on the system -> configure my pc , my network card say dns but also say not connected , :S i think thats weird tho haha , i hope some answers and really sorry about my english it is my 2nd language. tx and keep helping linux-noob !!!
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