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  1. You have a new personal message ( linux-noob.com/forums ) linux-noob.com/forums <admin@linux-noob.com> Tue, Apr 7, 2009 at 7:11 AM To: xxxxxxxxx@gmail.com vois22, mignulikz has sent you a new personal message titled "Hello". Mine was spamola from user: mignulikz Could not access the actual message content because you had turned off personal messaging by the time I got to my email and logged in.
  2. Hello - Thanks for reading. Using linux live cd's, the dd command, and the new ntfsprogs package, I have managed to make a bit-by-bit clone of my Vista operating partition. This cloning was done to an external USB drive. The reason I did this is so that I can reimage the Vista partition back to the internal hard drive in less than 10 minutes, instead of going through the mega-long factory restore process provided by the OEM manufacturer's restore partition. So now I have an 8,756 MB clone sitting on the external hard drive, and I am wondering: Is there a way to now copy this 8,
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