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  1. I'm asking for anyone's help with getting another x-windows manager for SuSe 9.1 personal working, for some reason it seems to be blocking anything but KDE.
  2. when I was toying with Mandrake 10, I found that Enlightenment was pretty neat, so I've been dying to mess with it again, however I can't get it to load on SuSe 9.1. From when I messed with it before, it's kind of a windows manager of a windows manager. It's basically a shell for KDE or GNOME so it's require that you build it over the top of it. I could be wrong, but that's the gist of the info I've read up on it, and to load it, just log out of your X-session, then log back in but choose Enlightenment as your windows manager for the session.
  3. jauaflash


    I'm using SuSe 9.1. I'm pretty happy with it for the most part except that it doesn't initially load tar, so I'm not even sure if I can load files from tarballs, even after installing it. RPM searching is pretty easy though with the help of YaST. My major complaint is that I can't really change away from KDE with this and sometimes newer distributions of software doesn't work for some reason or another (like firefox 0.9). If you're a windows user that's toying with the idea of switching to Linux without any prior knowledge, I'd say SuSe is the way to go.
  4. I've been trying here and there to get a working gentoo box...started with 1.4, then 2004.0, then 2004.1, then 2004.2 . I've failed almost miserably each time. The closest I get is to a working linux without networking and without X. I give up way too easily.
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    I've had really good success with Cedega, it's a pay to use software ($5 a month, no big deal), you can get it from Transgaming.com. The best way I've found to get it to work is to install their program Point2Play first, then load your core fonts, then the Cedega, you can do all this from Point2Play once you get it installed. Make sure you configure all of your stuff, and turn off your GUI sound controls when using it, as well as anything else that requires any video or sound rendering. Make sure your video card is set up for 24-bit display as well.
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