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  1. No dont think so. I always login with same default username. I dont know exactly meaning of "su -", but i remember i used it during the instalation (following the guides). Well, before this i tried VNC viewer, but i also failed at loging to the server. The company, which i have the server from offered me to set it up, but they charge 40eur/per half-hour...so iam trying to figure out myself :/
  2. I get this: [root@IS-3086 rdesktop-1.5.0]# rdesktop Autoselected keyboard map en-us ERROR: Failed to open display: keyboard is not an issue i think, but i cant connect to my IP for some reason
  3. Iam Linux-Noob. I managed to install rdesktop - took me half a day. Now iam strugling, when i want to run it. I type rdesktop -u myusername -g 1024x768+0+0 -k en-us **.***.143.6 (my server ip) and i get this: ERROR: Failed to open display: Now i have no idea what should i do. I tried to search forums etc. but this problem can be coused by lot of things...Iam really lost here. Any help would be apriciated. M.
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