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  1. Finally someone else that is using Firewall-Jay! Heh I love that script... it really buttons things up as well as has some nice scripts to block pop-up's and adware from entering or leaving your network... One thing I love about it is the fact that when tailing the log file I can see when some spyware on a windows box on the network is trying to connect to the internet and is blocked.. in return allowing me to go wipe it out =)
  2. I agree with tek, I think selling some shirts would be cool! You can look into cafe press I beleive is the name of the company that does everything for ya and you collect the cash in the end! Plus, I know sporting shirts in itself advertise alot too!
  3. Hello everyone, I know many of you including myself come to this site for information and help. We would like to continue to grow and expand the use of Linux to as many people as we can, and help as best we can along the way. We have determined the best way to get this site to grow without the use of ad's on every page, is through the use of donations. Here is our projected goal: If we can gather $1000, that will allow us to get (CENSORED) ad impressions on OSNews.com What are ad impressions you ask?? It means that our logo will be displayed on a page that is loaded on OSNews.com
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