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  1. Page with message NOT found : redirecting to 404 page - can u please fix this
  2. 0.first make httpd to listen on port 80 . so change apache port to 80. restart httpd service 1. stop iptables on your linux box. do in shell : service iptables stop , if it is redhat box 2.ping result should not any have "100% packt lose" message 2.from windows xp box - got o dos shell ( cmd) and do telnet 80 it should respond , if it shows like time out - unable to connect then some problem with network. 3.in linux box type netstat -a so paste all of above details ... lets see -Rav
  3. you can access static ip assigned system by directly calling with its ip address but if you want to resolve your system name using ddns server then you need to update ddns server once later no need to update.
  4. Hi all, i need some help . My concept is like this 1. I have one domain named ls.tc 2.now i want to give away subdomains with ownership to users NOT url forward service for free. for exmaple : abc.ls.tc with ownership to some xyz user 3.so now i need to do ? what changes do i need to do with my domin registrar ? or suppose if have my own name servers with my ls.tx zones, then what chnages i need to do them ? -thanks for your time Rav
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