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  1. 0.first make httpd to listen on port 80 . so change apache port to 80. restart httpd service


    1. stop iptables on your linux box.


    do in shell : service iptables stop , if it is redhat box



    result should not any have "100% packt lose" message


    2.from windows xp box - got o dos shell ( cmd) and do


    telnet 80


    it should respond , if it shows like time out - unable to connect then some problem with network.


    3.in linux box type netstat -a


    so paste all of above details ... lets see




  2. Hi all, i need some help . My concept is like this


    1. I have one domain named ls.tc

    2.now i want to give away subdomains with ownership to users NOT url forward service for free. for exmaple : abc.ls.tc with ownership to some xyz user

    3.so now i need to do ?


    what changes do i need to do with my domin registrar ?

    or suppose if have my own name servers with my ls.tx zones, then what chnages i need to do them ?


    -thanks for your time


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