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    I am in a band called The Dortchen Wild. We play Irish folk music and write our own original music. You can see us on YouTube by searching for us or check out our myspace listened above. Other intrests include Music, Linux, Photography, Art, Comic books, anything written by Alan Moore or Philip K Dick, Irish Music, Guitar, Mandolin, Banjo, Making Alcohol, Horticulture, Cacti and Succulents, X10 Home Automation,
  1. Okay still no luck solving this issue. Everytime I reboot I have to change the screen resolution from 800X600 to 1024X1768. When I use Nvidia Display settings to try to save the new settings to my xorg.conf I get this error: Unable to remove old X config backup file '/etc/X11/xorg.conf.backup' both /etc/X11/xorg.conf and xorg.conf.backup and 644 and owned by root. I tried rebooting into runlevel 3 and running system-config-display --reconfig and I got this error Window manager warning: Fatal IO error 11 (Resource temporarily unavailable) on display' :17.0 and booting bac
  2. So, ZNX and I couldn't get this working at all. Something was preventing my machine from accepting the public keys. Well here is the fix I finally found, hours later. I added the following line to my users crontab with crontab -e @reboot /usr/bin/screen -d -m irssi We had tried this as @reboot /usr/bin/screen irssi, which did not work. Hope this helps someone cause I know I found very little helpful info from my searches online
  3. I agree with anyweb. I first tried Ubuntu and found it easy to use, but I didn't feel like I was learning much about linux. When I switched to Fedora I found that although there were a few more things I had to take care of manually I learned a lot more and it is still an easy distro to use and learn on. I would say try Fedora if you are comfortable using computers.
  4. I have only ever used the nvidia drivers from fedora and livna, via yum. I have never installed something from nvidia, afaik.
  5. Okay so Reboot one still gave me the same error and asked me if I wanted to try to fix the problem. Reboot 2 seemed to allow the nvidia driver to work properly again and I regained my proper resolution, however, the fonts were all messed up and impossible to read. So I started to go to change the font, System>Preferences>Look and Feel>Appearance and when I clicked on Appearance all of a sudden my fonts shifted and became the last font without me even clicking on the fonts tab. I thought that was kind of odd behavior, but It worked.
  6. I was having trouble playing videos tonight, so I thought I would run an update make sure everything was cool. Update said there was updates so I installed those and then ctrl+alt+backspace and it said X was messed up. Here is the info I have. xorg-x11-server NVIDIA(0): Failed to initialize the NVIDIA graphics device! Sceen(s) found, but none have a usable configuration. here is what yum installed Dec 23 19:16:47 Updated: kmod-nvidia - 169.07-1.lvn8.x86_64 Dec 23 19:16:53 Updated: xorg-x11-drv-nvidia - 169.07-1.lvn8.x86_64 Dec 23 19:17:00 Updated: kmod-nvidia-2.6.23.
  7. Try this if you haven't already: 1) Shutdown computer 2) Unplug the cable modem's power chord from the wall 3) Plug the modem back in 4) Wait for modem to start up ( approx 30 seconds) 5) Turn computer back on Dunno if it'll help, but it has worked for me twice. Eric
  8. I am on Fedora 8. ABIT KN9 NF4ULTRA AM2 Motherboard, I use the onboard sound. GIGABYTE GV-NX76G256D-RH video card. My probelm was that I had no sound when I tried to play a .wav in Audacity sound editor. I was able to record and export to .wav properly and the .wav would play in other apps, just not in Audacity. This problem seemed to happen out of the blue. Long story short after trying different playback devices and checking for muted channels in alsa mixer and the the panel sound applet. My solution, thanks to anyweb, was to make sure my system was updated. I just needed t
  9. I have been using Fedora 8 x86_64 on my desktop for a week or two now and I love it. Besides a few random glitches, which I will probably work out, everything seems to work fine. It seems to be quicker to boot and to load programs such as firefox as compared to Fedora 7. I don't regret the switch at all. Fedora rocks.
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