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  1. ok, guess what... It's not only Ubuntu that has problem booting on my laptop. Mandriva too. I think there's something in my bios that causes the problem. I've updated it to the newest version, but no help
  2. I have the latest version of the kernel, but there are new BIOS versions. I'll update my BIOS pretty soon, and I'll let you guys know the status after an update. And yes, this issue is right before the kernel starts
  3. I checked my BIOS. Cant seem to find the problem there either... I even tried to disable the USB booting
  4. It freezes right before the splash loading screen. (You see the text "Starting up ...")
  5. Hi all First of all, let me congrats the admins for a great forum! Now for the case... When I boot my Ubuntu on my Asus A6000 A6km laptop with a USB device connected (my mouse is USB connected), the OS freezes at "Starting up ...". Ok.. when I disconnect my mouse, the booting is ok, and everything is ready to go. Then I can connect my mouse when the login screen is showing. Any ideas for what this can be? Is is possible to see what is going on during the boot? I used Mandriva before, and I could see if anything was "OK" or "Failed". Thanks
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