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  1. Fedora 10 is good. 9 had problems, which quickly became known, so it seems reasonable that Fedora 10 would have a greater adoption rate.
  2. Applications like Dreamweaver will definitely run better in VMware (or VirtualBox, if you prefer) than an emulator like Wine. I have no experience with Win4Lin, but although it is also a virtual environment, I cannot recall hearing of anyone in industry that uses Win4Lin--and many industries are using and investing heavily in VM technology. There is one caveat with VMware and the like: if you need 3D graphics, you will not get them in a virtual machine--at least not at a reasonable price. For things like 3D games, there is still no adequate, top performance replacement for Windows so dual-boot
  3. I run Arch and it is not for noobs. However, anyone with Slackware experience can install and configure it without issue IMO. Of course, Slackware is not a noob distro either. A lot of Archers are ex-Gentoo users or use both. The problem with Gentoo is that you generally compile everything and that takes a lot of time. It is fun at first, but gets to be a drag before long. Of course, Gentoo now has compiled packages available, but if you are using compiled packages, the main advantage (maximum possible runtime performance) is no longer a real advantage. Anyway, the bottom line is that nei
  4. I am using Fedora 8 as the primary OS on two machines--one 32-bit (P4 processor) and one 64-bit (Core 2 Duo processor). Both are fine, although the wireless networking on both with WPA encryption (like most Linux distributions) leaves a lot to be desired. Overall, it is almost certainly the best Fedora release yet (IMO, at least).
  5. FWIW, I am brand new here and my initial impression is that it looks great. Perhaps it looks like the "same old stuff" to those of you who have been here for awhile, but it probably looks fine to the rest of us. PS: I didn't vote.
  6. Thank you for the tip. That is just what I needed.
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