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  1. Since switching to Linux, I've got a million and one problems, most of them stemming from my complete noobiness in Linux. I smugly thought I was a bit of a geek since I know Windows fairly well. But none of my Windows-smarts seem to make a difference with Linux. 1) How do I get HDMI to work at 1360 x 768? I have a HD LCD tv plugged into my ATI Radeon X1250 (in-built) graphics card via HDMI. When going through the ATI drives in the Screens and Graphics Preferences I can't get of those to work. I even downloaded and (eventually) ran ati-driver-installer-8-02-x86.x86_64.run but I don't see what it did (a slightly more experienced Linux noob suggested I do this). It didn't seem to help (I probably goofed up somewhere). I can only get it to work with VESA drive (Generic) and I'm stuck with 1024 x 768, though 1360 x 768 is supported by my LCD TV and preferable since the image would not be stretched horizontally. I'm running Mythbuntu 7.10 (Ubuntu that boots into MythTV). 2) How do I detect and configure Dual Screens? I also have a monitor plugged in via D-SUB that supports upto 1280 x 1024. But Screens and Graphics Preferences only seems to detect one (no idea which). I do dual screen in Windows all the time, but Ubuntu has me stumped. 3) What driver should I actually be using?
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    I'm a noob again...

    G'day All. Recently set up a media box for my lounge room, and decided to give Mythbuntu a shot. A week of on and off dabbling, and I'm starting to wish I could just stick in the disks that came in the box and just plug and play. My feeble skills mean very little in the Linux world... Windows has spoilt me. But, a bit of googling, and I see there's a whole community out there that have long ago embraced Linux, and many other Linux noobs out there, giving it a go. So far, I have a media box that will play some DVDs and others not, it's remote control does next to nothing, and omnious black screens and silence when I try to watch DTV. Anyway... see ya round.
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